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Desktop Static Dimensional Weighing and Scanning (DWS) Systems

Desktop DWS is a compact intelligent logistics equipment with small size and light weight. It is used to complete the work of dimensioning, weighing and barcode scanning of goods. 
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  • GS-DWS-S-002

  • Gosunm

Product Description

Desktop DWS provides a convenient and efficient solution for small and medium-sized logistics, warehousing and e-commerce sorting scenarios. This set of equipment saves space and improves work efficiency and data processing accuracy.

Like the static DWS device, the desktop static DWS also consists of four parts: code reading camera, weighing device, volume measuring device, and industrial control machine. The reading camera captures the barcode information of the parcel, the weighing device captures the weight information of the parcel, and the volume measuring device captures the size information of the parcel. These information will be summarized and unified in the industrial control machine, which will summarize and output these data, and dock with the warehouse management system to upload data in real time.

white table static dws
simple model table static dws


  • High-speed, accurate capture of parcel volume, weight and face sheet information

  • Fully automated code reading technology for use with high-speed conveyor systems

  • High level of dynamic measurement technology, up to 1800 pieces per hour

  • Adopt modular design concept, can meet the multi-faceted needs of customers

  • Extensive software interfaces for easy data integration into existing management systems

Parameters Table

Depth of Field800mm
Table Size1000*1000mm (Size can be customized)
Data Acquisition Frequency0.8s
Operating Temperature-30~40°C
Operating Range60KG
Operating Tolerance+/- 20g
One-Dimensional CodeMinimum width 10mil
Device SizeL1000*W1375*H2400mm


static dws application