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Disposable Compressed Bath Towel Electric Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Disposable compressed bath towel electric shrink labeling machine is a kind of compressed bath towel packaging line, it includes the compressed bath towel on the following round label loading and shrink film labeling sleeve.

With the improvement of people’s concept of hygiene, easy to carry and clean and hygienic disposable compressed bath towel has become a lot of people’s business trips and travel necessities, disposable compressed bath towel has a very broad market, good packaging not only to ensure that the compressed bath towel hygiene, but also to enhance the aesthetics of the packaging to improve the competitiveness of the product.Gosunm disposable compressed bath towel electric heat sleeve labeling machine is the best choice of compressed bath towel manufacturers. choice for the manufacturer of compressed bath towel.

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Product Display

Disposable Compressed Bath Towel Electric Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

  • High efficiency: able to complete the loading of the round label underneath the compressed bath towel and the electric heat attachment of the shrink film label in one time, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

  • Stability: advanced mechanical system and control system are usually adopted to ensure the stability and accuracy of labeling and heat shrink packaging.

  • Flexibility: It can be adjusted according to different product types and label sizes to fit different specifications of compressed bath towels and containers.

  • Hygienic: Due to the use of heat shrink film for packaging, the compressed bath towels can be effectively protected from damage and contamination, ensuring the level of hygiene while improving the aesthetics of the package.

  • Easy to operate and maintain: compressed bath towel sleeve labeling machine usually adopts standardized mechanical and electrical components, which is easy and quick to operate and maintain.

Disposable Compressed Bath Towel Electric Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Disposable Compressed Bath Towel Electric Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine


Shrink sleeve labelling machines have a wide range of industry applications, such as:

Food Industry: In the food industry, sleeving machines are used to provide labels for various food packages such as condiments, juices etc. These labels usually contain key information such as product information, nutritional content, shelf life, etc. to ensure that consumers are aware of the products they are purchasing.

Beverage industry: There is also a high demand for sleeve labellers in the beverage industry, especially for beverage producers who need to apply a large number of labels in a short period of time, sleeve labellers provide a fast and accurate solution.

Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical industry, sleeving machines are used to apply the correct labels to medicine bottles, which is essential to ensure the safety of medicines and compliance with regulations.

Nissin and other industries: In addition to the industries mentioned above, sleeving machines are also used in the nissin and household chemical industries, as well as in specialised areas such as the packaging of injectable needles, milk, refined oils and other products.