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Double head aluminum foil sealing machine shipped to Nigeria

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We received an inquiry from Nigeria asking for sealing of cosmetic jars with a diameter of 90mm. The efficiency requirement is 1.2-2 seconds, the temperature setting is 180-210℃, and the accuracy requirement is ±1mm. For such basic requirements, gosunm recommended a double-head aluminum foil sealing machine that can meet all the requirements. For customers who have a certain production volume but do not use a production line, the double-head aluminum foil sealing machine is a good choice. It is easy to operate and has a good sealing effect. It can seal about 150 bottles per minute, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of manual labor.

The aluminum foil sealing machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to instantly generate high heat on the aluminum foil on the bottle mouth, and then fuse it to the bottle mouth to achieve the sealing function. The sealing speed is fast and suitable for mass production; the shell is formed by a full stainless steel mold, which is beautiful and generous; it is easy to use and has good sealing quality, It can work continuously and is an ideal sealing equipment for industries such as medicine, pesticide, food, cosmetics, and lubricants.

Principle and Features

1. This sealing machine is mainly used for heating and sealing polyolefin (such as polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.) composite film materials and plastic bags as the inner layer.

2. Composite film sealing includes glass paper sealing, aluminum foil sealing, aluminum coating sealing, polyester sealing, nylon sealing, polyethylene sealing, polypropylene sealing and other material sealing.

3. The thickness of the film and the width of the seal can be applied within a certain range, and good and uniform linear sealing can be achieved.

4. Regardless of large bags, small bags, long bags, or short bags, continuous linear sealing can be performed to obtain satisfactory results.

5. The machine is exquisitely designed and easy to operate.

6. The machine has a fast packaging speed and high efficiency.

Sealing machine

How to use aluminum foil sealing machine?

1. Choose a flat table and place the machine steadily. You can pull the chassis feet apart to make the machine panel easier to observe.

2. Insert the plug on the handheld induction head into the socket on the panel and tighten it. Pay attention to the positioning notch.

3. Insert one end of the power cord plug into the socket on the back panel of the chassis, and the other end into the power supply socket. Please be sure to use a single-phase three-wire power supply.

4. Turn on the "main power switch" on the back panel of the chassis, press the "power switch" button on the panel, and wait for the "ready" green indicator light to light up, and the machine can work.

5. Press and hold the "set button" button and set it to a suitable value, generally between 0.5-2.0 seconds.

6. Place the induction head on the container cover and press the start button on the handle. At this time, the red "heating (HEATING)" indicator light will light up, indicating that it is heating. Do not remove the induction head. After the red "heating (HEATING)" indicator light goes out, remove the induction head. Wait for the green "WARM UP)" indicator light to light up or the buzzer in the machine to beep shortly before sealing the next container.

Gosunm also supports automatic capping, aluminum foil sealing and labeling all-in-one machine. This machine is based on the principle that metal objects generate huge eddy currents and heat under the action of high-frequency electromagnetic fields. Through electromagnetic induction, the aluminum foil is heated to melt the adhesive film under the aluminum foil and bond it to the bottle mouth, achieving continuous and fast non-contact sealing. The bottle body label adopts the method of positioning round bottle labeling, which makes the labeling effect better. The machine has a simple structure, stable performance, easy operation, and can increase production efficiency. It is widely used in the circular surface of round bottles in the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries, and full-circle and semi-circle rolling labels or films. Applicable label range: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc. Welcome your consultation!

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