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DWS devices accurately measure and bill shoes, clothing and packages

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In modern logistics, calculating freight by volume is a very popular method. Shoes and clothing packages are no exception. The volume needs to be measured when entering and leaving the warehouse. Traditional manual measurement not only has large errors, but also low efficiency. DWS machine can not only improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs, but also improve measurement accuracy and reduce errors. Therefore, more and more companies choose DWS equipment for measurement.

Gosunm DWS machine measurement advantages

Automatic data collection: DWS machine can automatically collect various types of information of regular and irregular packages without manual intervention, thereby reducing labor costs.

High precision and high efficiency: DWS machine uses advanced measurement technology to quickly and accurately obtain the three-dimensional dimensions of packages, with a measurement efficiency of 1 piece per second and a measurement accuracy of millimeters, which greatly improves the measurement efficiency and accuracy.

Data can be archived and supports synchronization with enterprise systems: The length, width, height, volume and weight data measured by DWS equipment can be connected to the enterprise's ERP/WMS system to achieve data sharing.

Fast sorting: DWS equipment can use the size, volume, weight or barcode information of the package to connect to the sorting equipment, making cargo sorting more efficient.

Help logistics companies quickly receive and ship goods: The introduction of DWS equipment not only improves the operating efficiency of logistics companies and reduces costs, but also provides logistics companies with more comprehensive and accurate data support.

Who is using DWS machine for measurement?

DWS equipment, short for Dimension, Weight, and Scanning, is an intelligent device that can automatically measure the volume, weigh, and scan goods in an integrated manner. This equipment mainly solves problems such as dimension measurement, weighing, freight calculation, sorting, commodity SKU management, and storage space planning. The gosunm DWS equipment measures the volume of clothing packages with the best accuracy of ±1mm and the best weighing accuracy of ±1g. So far, many well-known footwear and clothing companies such as Anta, Hongxing Erke, Saiwei Times, Xtep, Sitang Intelligent, and Red Dragonfly are using DWS equipment to improve efficiency, which has been unanimously recognized and praised.

In order to solve the measurement problems in the international logistics industry, gosunm The company has launched automated DWS equipment, which can quickly and accurately measure the volume, weigh, scan, take photos and dock the data system of goods. The best measurement accuracy is ±1mm and the best weighing accuracy is ±1g. It has been widely used in various industries and has become a leader in this field. So far, well-known companies such as SF Express, Jitu, Best, Jisu, Zhongji Logistics, China Post, Sinotrans, Eternal Asia, Baiwei Logistics, Daoli Logistics, Huafuyang, Huating International, China Southern Airlines, and Shenzhen Airlines are using DWS equipment.

In many factory warehouses, you can see volume measurement, weighing and barcode reading, because it greatly improves the sorting efficiency of the factory and reduces the error rate of manual warehousing. If you want to learn more about weighing and barcode reading sorting machines/DWS equipment, please contact gosunm Automation Company to discuss the most suitable product solutions for you!

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