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DWS equipment realizes volume measurement, weighing, and code scanning in 1 second

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2024 will be a year full of opportunities and challenges for the express delivery industry, and a number of new regulations for the express delivery industry will be implemented one after another. The introduction of a series of new regulations also represents the development of the express delivery industry towards a better, healthier and smarter future.

In the express sorting sector, the application of various automated sorting equipment has also continuously promoted the development of the express delivery industry. In the past, a large number of manual operations were required to manage the type, quality, and quantity of goods from receipt, entry, and sorting.

In recent years, with the development of express delivery business, the traditional sorting model can no longer meet the needs of business development, and various automated sorting equipment have emerged as the times require.

dimension weight and scanning

Introduction to DWS device functions

DWS equipment is an automated data collection system, mainly used to collect cargo and parcel information, which can greatly simplify the processing process of cargo and parcels.

Volume measurement: accurately calculate volume;

Weighing function: More accurate billing weight by combining with volume measurement.

QR code scanning function: Quickly identify package or cargo information.

Data recording and processing: Data can be automatically saved and transmitted and processed in real time through a link with a computer or logistics management system.

Efficient operation process of DWS equipment

The operating speed of Gosunm DWS equipment is ≥1.5m/s, and the theoretical efficiency of single-machine testing is ≥3600 pieces/hour. The equipment operation process is very simple and requires almost no manual intervention, greatly reducing labor costs and error rates.

  • Operator places items to be sorted on conveyor belt.

  • DWS's camera will quickly scan the item to obtain information such as its size, weight, and barcode.

  • The system will automatically identify the category and quantity of items and classify them according to preset rules.

  • The sorted items will be transported to the corresponding shelves or packaging areas.

Advantages compared to traditional manual DWS equipment

DWS equipment solves the problems of traditional manual operations and has obvious advantages:

  • Improve operational efficiency: Complete volume measurement + weighing + code scanning + photo taking + docking system in one step, greatly improving the processing speed and efficiency of logistics companies;

  • Reduce manual errors: Various problems inevitably occur in manual operations. The use of automated equipment reduces human factors, reduces manual error rates, and improves customer satisfaction.

  • The equipment is stable and efficient: the equipment has accurate measurement (±1mm) and stable, can operate 24 hours a day, and can measure about 3,600 packages per hour, maintaining high accuracy while maintaining high speed;

  • Wide measurement range: can accurately measure different types of cargo packages, including regular and irregular ones;

  • Digital system support: each piece of cargo information can be recorded and uploaded to the backend for real-time monitoring of cargo flow.

As a manufacturer of warehouse dimension scanner DWS, our DWS equipment has a wide range of application scenarios. It is not only widely used in e-commerce warehousing, but also in logistics centers, express delivery companies, etc. It can realize fast and accurate measurement, weighing and scanning, improve efficiency and save labor costs.

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