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Dynamic DWS+11 ports sorting and delivery to Israel

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We received an inquiry from an Israeli customer who required a device that could weigh, measure, scan, label, and print 800-1200 packages/hour for boxes, boxes, or bags with regular and symmetrical shapes. The weighing accuracy should be within +-50g, and the measurement accuracy should be +-10mm. It can be connected to other production line systems of the customer. In response to the customer's customized needs, gosunm developed a dynamic dws five-sided scanning + printing labeling machine equipped with 11 sorting ports to meet the customer's process flow.

Dynamic DWS+11-ports sorter is an advanced intelligent logistics equipment that integrates dynamic DWS equipment with 5 sets of wheel sorters. It is widely used in large e-commerce, warehousing and delivery centers, third-party logistics, postal systems, etc. The combination of dynamic DWS equipment and wheel sorting is a very competitive solution. This solution can sort more than 3,000 parcels per hour, which is very suitable for large-scale and high-intensity operations. In response to the needs of this customer in Israel, an additional printing and labeling machine was added. After the parcel is weighed, measured and scanned, the parcel is printed and labeled to complete the sorting, which greatly improves the speed and accuracy of parcel sorting and reduces the error of manual scanning and sorting.

The process is as below:

* Step 1: Worker manually put all packages on the powered conveyor belt

* Step 2: Package weighing, sizes measuring and bar code scanning

* Step 3 : Label printing and adding on the top of parcel (OPTION)

* Step 4: Sorting

dynamic dws

Compatible products:

  1. Package products, with regular and symmetrical shapes, including boxes, boxes, and bags.

  2. Package size range Min: 100x100x50mm, Max: 400x400x400mm

  3. Package weight range: 0.4KG-25KG

  4. Label size: L100xW100m

Main Machine 

Package Weighing, Barcode Scaning and Size Measuring Unit

Package Weighing, Barcode Scaning and Size Measuring Unit

Power Supply: Motor Driven, 1P/220V/50HZ, 750W

Conveyor Speed: 60-90m/min, adjustable

Frame Material: Powder Coated square Steel Frame

Stand Support: Powder Coated Hollow Section with Foot Cup

Real time Printing Label Machine (option)

Real time Printing Label Machine (option)

* Working voltage: 220V 50Hz.

* Labeling speed: about 10-25 sheets/min

* Labeling accuracy: ±1mm (statics labeling)

± 20mm (dynamic labeling)

wheeled sorter

 Wheel Sorter

Dimension: 600*600mm or 550* 550mm

* Diverting Drive Unit: Servo Motor Driven, 1P/220V/50HZ, 1kw

* Diverting Angle: 45 degree turning

* Frame Material: Powder Coated Steel Frame

If you also want to reduce enterprise costs and improve work efficiency, please consult gosunm

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