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Dynamic DWS & 9-shutts Sorter | 9 Ports Sorter With Dynamic DWS

Dynamic DWS & 9-shutts Sorter is a multi-functional intelligent logistics sorting system that integrates dynamic DWS equipment and sorting equipment. This set of equipment can complete the volume measurement, weighing, scanning and sorting of parcels in one go, and is widely used in industries such as warehousing and transshipment centers and third-party cloud warehousing.
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  • GS-DWS-D-008

  • Gosunm

Product Description

In the 20 years of China's rapid development of e-commerce, China's intelligent logistics equipment has also grown at a rapid pace, and a variety of equipment suppliers have emerged, and Gosunm is one of the leaders. Gosunm is one of the leading enterprises. Gosunm has developed and manufactured a series of intelligent logistics equipment for e-commerce shipping and parcel transfer, which solves all the pain points and difficulties encountered in each link from shipping to final delivery of e-commerce parcels to consumers. ThisDynamic DWS & 9-shutts Sorter is a parcel in/out registration and sorting solution for large and medium-sized e-commerce companies, as well as small and medium-sized warehouses and shipping centers. It consists of one set of Dynamic DWS equipment, 4 sets of wheel sorters and several conveyors. The first half of the equipment performs the work of measuring the volume, weighing and scanning the code of parcels, and automatically calculates the sorting position according to the acquired parcel information. The second half of the equipment solves the problem of low efficiency and error-prone manual sorting of parcels. Dynamic DWS equipment and sorting equipment together, perfectly suited to the high-intensity operating environment of high-volume parcels, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of the logistics industry parcel sorting, shortening the processing time of goods, to meet the needs of modern people network shopping fast receipt of goods.

It can improve the operational efficiency of logistics centers, shorten the processing time of parcels, reduce the operational difficulty of employees, improve the accuracy of sorting, and meet the growing demand for logistics.

red dynamic dws with sorting machine
blue dynamic dws with sorter


  • Modular design, can be selected according to the scene with a variety of different equipment

  • Compact structure of the whole machine, suitable for smaller sites of parcel sorting processing

  • Adoption of high quality components and equipment, with good durability and reliability.

  • Customized modifications can be made according to the needs of customers, to meet the diverse needs of customers.

  • Good compatibility, the system can be seamlessly connected to the customer's conveyor system, compatible with the existing logistics process, without the need to make major changes to the existing equipment.

green dynamic dws with sorting machine
red dynamic dws with sorter