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Dynamic DWS(Dimension Weight Scanning) System

The Dynamic DWS system is a multi-functional intelligent logistics system that integrates automatic volume measurement, weighing and barcode scanning. For Capturing Weighing Volume Data For Shipping, Warehousing, Distribution, And Ltl Cross-docks.
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Product Description

The Dynamic DWS system is a multi-functional intelligent logistics system that integrates automatic volume measurement, weighing and barcode scanning. It has a wide range of application scenarios, especially in cases where a large number of parcels need to be processed quickly, such as port-of-arrival at courier forwarding centers and distribution centers, air piece billing, retail distribution, large e-commerce companies, third-party logistics, and internal sorting in factories. The Dynamic DWS system not only improves the efficiency and accuracy of parcel handling in the logistics industry, but also provides powerful support for data analysis, helping companies extract valuable information from massive amounts of data to optimize business decisions and improve operational efficiency. It is an indispensable part of modern intelligent logistics.

Working Principle

Dynamic DWS system mainly consists of four parts: volume measuring equipment, weighing equipment, barcode scanning equipment and information processing system. Our barcode scanning equipment adopts a high-speed HD code reading camera with high photo clarity and accurate code reading, and the volume measuring equipment adopts a line laser body measuring camera. When the parcel passes through the bottom of the camera, the volume measuring camera and barcode scanning camera start working, and quickly and accurately obtain the volume and barcode information of the parcel. At the same time, the dynamic scale equipped on the machine will also automatically complete the weight measurement of the parcel. The volume, weight and barcode information obtained by the information processing system is integrated and processed. Parcels with normal status will enter the next section according to the preset, and parcels with abnormal status will remind the operator to check before passing. All successfully processed parcel information is stored locally for retrieval and export.

dynamic dws system details


- Accurate code reading, code reading rate up to 99.99%, easy to identify the bill of lading information

- Modular design, easy equipment maintenance

- High parcel processing speed, up to 6000 parcels per hour

- Multi-surface reading, 5-side scanning, 6-side scanning with free matching

- Good adaptability, can be used with existing equipment on site

dws system
dynamic dws machine
dynamic dws equipment