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Dynamic DWS Full Automatic Weighing Dimension Detection And Scanning Machine

For Capturing Weighing Volume Data For Shipping, Warehousing, Distribution, And Ltl Cross-docks
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Product Description

Dynamic DWS Weighing and Square Barcode Scanner is a fully automatic system that integrates dynamic weighing/volume measurement/barcode scanning/cargo information processing. The system adopts laser scanning, dynamic belt scale and industrial code reading technology to meet the requirements of weighing, counting and code reading. The weight, volume, and barcode data of the goods can be obtained timely and accurately and uploaded in real time.


PowerAC110-240V, 50/60Hz
Bar Code TypeCode128 / Code39 / QR
Processing Efficiency≥3000pcs/hour
Weighing Accuracy±50g
Weighing Capacity50kg
Applicable Parcel SizeL100-1200 X W100-800 X H40-600mm (Customizable)
Scanning Position1-5 Surfaces
FunctionsDimensioning, Weighing, Scanning, Photo Capture
Equipment SizeL4000 X W1200 X H3300mm

Product Features

1. High-speed and accurate, the system adopts automatic measurement and code reading technology, which can be used with high-speed conveying system to ensure accurate measurement of weight, volume, and barcode information;

2. Dynamic measurement technology, weight, volume, and bar code are all dynamically measured, realizing online real-time measurement, and throughput is greater than 2400 pieces/hour; 

3. Modular design, the system adopts a modular design concept, which can meet the various needs of customers and provide a variety of application methods to facilitate customers to integrate into the existing assembly line. 

4. Abundant software interfaces and customizable software.

Details Images

Dynamic DWS Warehouse Logistic System Dimensioning Weighing Scanning Equipment


Gosunm Dynamic DWS Come In Multiple Scanning Technologies


The above single-sided scanning DWS scheme picture is for reference


The five-sided scanning DWS scheme diagram is for reference

Both the measurement technologies have multiple tunnel size options to choose from to best for your dimensioning requirement. 

And you can customize the logical camera quantity and position according to requirements.