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Dynamic DWS solution: fully automatic code reading without manual intervention

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In the fields of logistics, packaging and warehousing, in order to complete the measurement, weighing, code scanning, calculation and system docking in one step, strict dynamic dimension recognition requirements are required, but how to achieve high precision, high cost performance and high performance? gosunm's new generation of fast dynamic vision DWS equipment can not only meet customer needs, but also be customized in various sizes, becoming the favorite DWS logistics automation solution provider for customers in industries such as express delivery and cross-border e-commerce.

The dynamic DWS device is a fully automatic system that integrates dynamic weighing, volume measurement, barcode scanning, and cargo information processing, which can greatly improve production efficiency and the completeness of express IoT information. The system uses dual-lens full coverage to efficiently and dynamically measure the volume of cargo; it seamlessly connects to the customer's conveyor line system. When the package passes through the dynamic DWS (without deceleration), the system can automatically collect physical images, package weight, delivery bill, order number, volume and other information, and record and store the data at the same time, replacing manual operations and helping companies reduce labor costs.

The dynamic DWS system independently developed by gosunm adopts a modular design, which can easily meet the diverse needs of customers with high cost-effectiveness. The system can be customized according to the customer's application needs to tailor a dynamic measurement system for irregular cargo volume with the highest cost-effectiveness, highest accuracy and strong functionality for customers.

Dynamic DWS Featureds

1. Increase parcel throughput: The dynamic DWS system can handle 2,400 orders per hour (depending on the size of the box and the belt speed).

2. Eliminate human errors: No manual operation is required, and volume measurement, weight measurement, code scanning, sorting, online photo uploading, etc. are automatically completed.

3. Reduce cost expenditure: Save labor and reduce additional costs caused by human errors.

4. Track statistical data: Data is automatically saved and uploaded to the system, accurate statistics on freight costs, and reduced calculation time.

5. Improve operational efficiency: Reduce the error rate of parcel delivery and transportation, shorten the delivery and transportation time, and improve the operating efficiency of the entire warehouse.

We also support providing different solutions according to different customer needs, and can customize product specifications, size, workbench height, number of lenses, and segmented procurement of components. gosunm dynamic dws has high weighing accuracy; image and data acquisition fusion, local storage and upload, traceability; modular design, beautiful and elegant; customizable expansion functions, such as docking with the back-end sorting system, high integration, and can also be docked with other customer production line systems. The entire machine has simple steps and is easy to operate; automatic alarm function to avoid errors; order now!

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