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Flexible Sorting & High Throughput Rate Small Narrow Belt Sorter

Narrow Belt Sorter are an important part of the sorting system and are usually used in conjunction with dynamic DWS. It uses multiple parallel belts as a conveying device and can sort at 90° in both directions.
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  • GS-S-005

  • Gosunm

Product Description

There are many types of sorters to choose from when it comes to automated sorting in a warehouse or order fulfillment environment, but consider the unique needs of your business and your throughput requirements as well as the types of products or packaging the machine will convey. choose. For operations that require flexible sorting and relatively high throughput rates, narrowband sorters can be an excellent solution.

A narrow belt sorter is a sorting system that conveys products on narrow belts or strips. There is a gap between each strip. Depending on the specific model of sorter your operation uses, between these belts you'll find a series of high-friction rollers or fixed-angle wheels. These sorters are sometimes called NBS or strip sorters. When the product reaches the appropriate transfer channel, the rollers or wheels will pop up and activate to transfer the product to where it needs to go.

Narrow-belt sorters are suitable for transporting and sorting items at the end of e-commerce and warehousing. The narrow-band sorter adopts a compact modular design and has denser sorting channels. Flexible configuration and small footprint. Easy to deploy and can be freely combined.

Gosunm small narrow belt sorter adopts standardized and modularized design with high extensibility and expandability. In some small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises, customers can configure a set of dynamic DWS equipment to collect parcel information according to their own needs, and a set of small narrow-belt sorters to realize the automation of parcel information collection, processing and sorting. Since the small narrow-belt sorter has good expandability, it can also be equipped with additional small sorters to meet higher sorting needs even if the customer's marketing scale increases greatly.

Narrow-belt sorters
Narrow-belt sorters


  • High throughput, reliable and accurate sorting

  • High-speed and efficient, narrow-belt sorters move product at speeds up to 300 feet per minute

  • The NBS belt-based design is extremely quiet, allowing you to reduce noise in your facility

  • Energy consumption is 60% lower than traditional sorters

  • Reliable and stable, the entire belt retention system eliminates belt deviation

  • Simple configuration and easy maintenance

Technical Parameters

Equipment SizeL1280*W1500*H900mm
Sorting Speed1000 pcs/hour
Conveying Height80-90cnm