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Fully automated single-piece separation system

The single-piece separation device is part of the logistics automated sorting system. It can pre-process the parcels and automatically separate the left and right parallel parcels so that they can be output to the back end in an orderly manner. It supports seamless docking with various automated sorting equipment. Compared with the traditional logistics manual sorting operation, it can greatly reduce manpower input and improve parcel processing efficiency. It is mainly used to realize the fully automatic conveying and sorting of parcels.
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  • Gosunm

Product Description

Parcel Overlap Separation System

For courier sorters or front-end parcel de-overlap.

Suitable for circular cross belt sorters and linear cross belt sorters.

A complete set of precise de-overlap equipment for logistics transportation.

Single piece separation system

Fully automated imaging

Efficient handling of stacked mixed parts

Controlled throughput for increased efficiency

Combined Flow Centering Mechanism

Used for courier sorters or front-end centering.

Suitable for circular crossbelt sorters and linear crossbelt sorters.

A great centerpiece for logistic conveyors.

One-way shunt spacing system

Used for courier sorting equipment or front-end unidirectional shunting to pull parcels apart.

Applicable to circular crossbelt sorter and linear crossbelt sorter.

High-speed except double logistics transportation supporting equipment.

Fully automated single-piece separation system
Parcel Overlap Separation System
Single piece separation system
Combined Flow Centering Mechanism
One-way shunt spacing system

Functional Features

1. Parcel overlap separation system: ladder separation design will pile up the goods for layered peeling, can effectively eliminate the problem of parcel overlap, improve the success rate and efficiency of separation.

2. Single piece separation system: single layer of goods will be stretched, separated, rotated and corrected, and single flow direction or double flow direction will be set according to the demand of the back-end.

3. One-way flow separation and distance pulling system: high-precision parcel identification by 3D camera, in-depth detection of oversized pieces and shaped pieces and insufficient distance pulling pieces and channel flow, high-speed pendulum rapid rejection, to ensure single-flow supply and flow distribution.


The Logistics Parcel Single Piece Separation System consists primarily of a belt separator and a visual identification system. The belt separator separates the parcels. It supports seamless integration with all kinds of automated sorting equipment, which can greatly reduce manpower investment and improve parcel processing efficiency compared to traditional manual sorting operation.

1. Sorting efficiency: Single-flow efficiency of up to 8,000 pieces per hour, single piece separation of the correct rate of up to 99.9%.

2. Strong sorting capacity: the maximum weight of sorted goods is 15KG, and the height of the thinnest sorted goods can be as low as 10mm.

3. Modular structure: modular design, stable equipment, easy installation and maintenance.

4. Cost-effective: high return on investment, reduce labor to increase efficiency.

5. Wide range of application: Sorting goods size minimum 120mm * 120mm, maximum 500mm * 500mm; can be applied to a variety of packaging forms, such as boxes, envelopes, waterproof bags.

Fully automated single-piece separation system

Parcel Overlap Separation System
Single piece separation system

Combined Flow Centering Mechanism

One-way shunt spacing system