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How to deal with the three major challenges of inventory, efficiency and cost in warehouse management?

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In modern supply chain management, warehouse management plays a vital role. As the core link of the supply chain, warehouses not only bear the heavy responsibility of storing goods, but also directly affect the operational efficiency and cost of the entire supply chain. However, in the daily management of warehouses, the three major challenges of inventory, efficiency and cost often trouble managers.

warehouse management

Inventory management

In the process of warehouse management, inventory management is a key link that cannot be ignored. Once the inventory data of goods is inaccurate, in addition to causing economic losses to the enterprise, it will also affect the normal operation and decision-making of the enterprise. The occurrence of inventory differences is not accidental, but the result of the combined action of multiple factors.

The receiving link is an important source of inventory differences. When receiving goods, if the warehouse keeper does not carefully count the quantity of goods, or does not clearly identify the types and specifications of goods, it is easy to cause problems such as under-receiving and wrong receiving. In addition, damage or loss of goods during transportation will also cause the physical objects to be inconsistent with the documents. The shipping link is also an important link in the generation of inventory differences. When shipping, if the warehouse keeper does not carefully check the shipping order and goods information, it is easy to cause problems such as over-shipping and wrong shipment. In addition, if there are errors in the system or human errors, it may also cause inaccurate inventory data. In order to solve the problem of differences in inventory outbound and inbound, it is recommended to use the gosunm DWS system that integrates weighing, body measurement and code scanning. It can effectively reduce errors in manual operations and ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of goods. At the same time, it can connect to sorting and other production line systems, strengthen the review of upstream and downstream operations, and ensure that the data in each link is accurate.

Operation efficiency

In the daily operation of the warehouse, if the goods cannot complete the collection and delivery process in a timely and accurate manner, it will not only affect the overall operation of the warehouse, customer complaints, and may even cause the warehouse to close down, causing huge losses to the company.

The operation efficiency of the warehouse is affected by multiple links, including the two main processes of receiving and delivering goods. In the receiving link, the unloading efficiency of the loader, the receiving efficiency of the warehouse keeper, and the shelving efficiency of the forklift driver are all crucial. In the delivery link, the picking efficiency of the picker, the replenishment and preparation efficiency of the forklift driver, the delivery efficiency of the warehouse keeper, and the loading efficiency of the loader are also factors that cannot be ignored. Problems in any of these links may cause delays in the entire collection and delivery process. For example, if the unloading efficiency of the loader is low, the goods cannot enter the warehouse in time for subsequent processing; if the picking efficiency of the picker is not high, the delivery order cannot be completed on time. In order to improve the operation efficiency of the warehouse, gosunm recommends using automated equipment-dws and sorting machine in the warehouse to remove redundant links and simplify the operation steps. By introducing advanced warehouse management systems and technical means, we can achieve automation and intelligent operation processes and improve operational efficiency.

Cost management

Warehousing management business is an indispensable part of enterprise operation, but because it occupies more resources, including storage sites, personnel, handling equipment, storage equipment, etc., the monthly operating costs are relatively high. If the warehousing cost management is not good, it will not only lead to a decrease in the gross profit of the project, but may even cause losses in serious cases. It is recommended to start from the following aspects:

First, the enterprise should carry out refined management and allocation of various resources in the warehouse to ensure that the warehousing resources are maximized. For example, using the gosunm warehouse logistics sorting line, a whole line reduces the input of other machines and employees, can optimize the warehouse layout, and improve the storage capacity per unit area;

Second, in order to reduce the initial investment cost of the warehousing business, the enterprise can try to obtain the required site, facilities and equipment by leasing rather than purchasing. Especially for short-term warehousing business (such as a contract period of only 1 year), leasing is more appropriate. This not only avoids a large amount of capital occupation, but also allows the flexible adjustment of warehousing resources according to business needs.

Third, strengthen the coordination and cooperation with suppliers, customers and other supply chain parties to achieve information sharing and optimal allocation of resources. For example, maintain close communication and contact with upstream customers to understand customer needs and changes in a timely manner so as to adjust storage plans and strategies in a timely manner; establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships with downstream suppliers to ensure the stability of resources.

Fourth, introduce gosunm's advanced warehouse management system to realize intelligent, automated and information management of warehouses. For example, use RFID technology, Internet of Things technology, etc. to track and monitor goods in real time; use big data analysis to predict and analyze market trends in order to better formulate storage plans and delivery strategies.

Problems are inevitable in warehouse management. However, the scary thing about problems is not their existence, but whether we can find them in time and solve them quickly and effectively after finding them. Timely discovery of problems and effective solutions not only help reduce potential losses, but also improve operational efficiency and enhance the resilience of the organization. Faced with the challenges of inventory accuracy, operational efficiency and cost management, managers need to take comprehensive measures. By optimizing the operation process, introducing advanced technology, maximizing the use of resources, adopting leasing strategies, and strengthening supply chain collaboration, the warehouse management level can be effectively improved, costs can be reduced, and the competitiveness of the enterprise can be enhanced.

Gosunm is able to provide flexible and scalable solutions for warehouse logistics and parcel sorting. Gosunm is able to provide flexible and scalable solutions for warehousing and logistics, helping customers to handle parcels of all shapes, materials and packaging forms. We are also able to offer a wide range of different solutions, from product packaging to zonal sorting, that can be customized to meet our customers' needs and future growth plans. We are committed to providing diverse and efficient warehousing and logistics solutions in the smallest possible footprint

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