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Intelligent Logistics Parcel Sorting and Transportation

Dimension Weight Scanning | DWS System Solution
  • Accurate measurement of cargo volume
  • Fast and accurate scanning
  • Inclined wheel dynamic sorting
  • Consists of static DWS, dynamic DWS, inclined wheel sorter and conveyor belt
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  • GSDWS-S001


Product Description



Item Hikvision Manual


Code128, Code39, QR, DM, etc.
Max. speed 10000pcs/h 1800pcs/h
Submit photo yes no
Dynamic Scaning 1 side, 3 sides, 5 sides

物流设备详情(确认版)(1)_04Dynamic DWS can be applied to automated operations such as scanning, inputting, volume and weight information of packages, and reviewing and auditing information.

In view of the current situation that the number of express transshipment items is huge, the space is limited, the labor efficiency has reached a bottleneck, and the transshipment efficiency can not be improved by increasing labor, automated logistics transshipment instead of intensive manual operation has become an inevitable choice for world logistics enterprises.The automated logistics transshipment scheme can provide accurate billing basis, real-time sorting information, reasonable vehicle management and long-term historical data for express logistics enterprises.As the core system of express transshipment stage, it runs stably and efficiently, with accurate and timely data, providing basic information for express sorting, cost settlement and logistics traceability. It is widely used in e-commerce, express delivery, postal service, fresh food and cold chain, distribution center, food, alcoholic beverage, medicine, 3C, electronics, daily chemical and other industries. It is one of the necessary equipment fora

automatic sorting system in large distribution center.

物流设备详情(确认版)(1)_05It is suitable for measuring, weighing, scanning and automatic pickup at express stations for small quantities of 
Support real-time information input and photo recording during pickup.



According to the real-time input information of the dynamic DWS, base on the predetermined program, the automatic sorting and transmission of the package is realized, and the multi-angle transmission of 30°, 45° and 90° is supported.


Customers can purchase conveyor belts according to their own needs, or purchase conveyor belts at their own locations. The express transfer station is composed of a telescopic belt conveyor, a high-speed belt conveyor, a drop belt conveyor, an interval conveyor belt, a single-piece separation device, a centering module, a DWS detection device, a DWS six-sided scanner, an RFID identification device, the balance wheel sorting machine and an annular cross belt sorting machine, etc., and is matched with a perfect control system and a management system to realize the package from unloading to sorting and then to loading.Automated operation of the entire process.The intelligent logistics solution of express transshipment automation adopts modular design, which can make dynamic adjustment according to the size of the site and the status of the goods, and can meet the peak sorting needs and challenges of multiple trucks unloading synchronously.Accurate sorting, through single separation to control the distance between packages, DWS six-sided scanning omni-directional code reading without dead angle, real-time tracking of package trajectory, accuracy can reach more than 99%.The scheme applies a number of automated logistics equipment combined with advanced Internet of Things technology to build a standardized, automated and intelligent sorting system.


Smart warehousing & logistics solutions are suitable for intelligent management of goods in e-commerce, logistics, fresh food, food, airports and other industries. It is mainly composed of dynamic DWS, static DWS, inclined balance wheel sorter, conveyor belt and intelligent warehousing software system. It can collect parcel volume, weight and face sheet information and recommend the minimum package according to the collected information; complete the collection of product warehousing data; realize the reasonable planning of storage capacity; calculate the weight;volume and freight of the package to achieve the precise scheduling of trucks.