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Intelligent sorting logistics equipment manufacturer

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With the development of the new economy, express delivery and e-commerce have gradually replaced traditional industries to become the industries with the fastest growth in demand for logistics equipment. Taking automated three-dimensional warehouses as an example, in the past three years, the number of automated three-dimensional warehouses owned by e-commerce and express delivery companies has increased rapidly, and their share in the entire industry has also steadily increased. Among them, e-commerce companies focus more on automation from the perspective of warehouse integration, involving the entire process of warehousing, picking, and packaging, with high system integration requirements, while express delivery companies mainly rely on the automation of sorting operations, with simpler scenarios, which often meet the conditions for batch debugging and installation, so the application of automation is also faster.

As the construction, renovation and expansion of distribution centers of express delivery companies accelerates, the proportion of semi-automatic and automated sorting equipment has steadily increased. Data shows that in 2019, China's express delivery industry has built more than 5,000 kilometers of automated assembly lines, which is equivalent to the total mileage of China's subways. Thanks to the booming development of upstream e-commerce and express delivery industries and the huge market demand of the manufacturing industry, China's automatic sorting equipment market has maintained a high-speed growth trend.

  • The development of e-commerce has brought about a surge in express delivery business, which has greatly increased the volume and complexity of sorting operations, magnified the defects of manual sorting, and stimulated the need for express delivery companies to transform and upgrade through the layout of intelligent sorting

  • The increase in the use of electronic waybills, the successful fundraising of express delivery companies, and the rapid decline in the price of intelligent sorting equipment have jointly provided external conditions for the popularization of intelligent sorting.

warehouse sorting machine

Gosunm is committed to developing high-tech non-standard automation technology and is currently a leading manufacturer of intelligent sorting and logistics equipment in China. It has a large number of non-standard automation project technology reserves in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, energy, e-commerce, supermarkets, warehousing, etc.

As a Chinese manufacturer of automated sorting equipment, gosunm mainly produces and develops storage systems, conveying systems, sorting systems and software control systems. Compared with manual sorting, automated sorting increases efficiency by 30% and reduces costs by 77%. Compared with the disc-type structure, the three-dimensional cross-type structure saves 67% of area and has a high accuracy rate.

Our products include logistics warehousing sorting solutions, such as dynamic weighing and volume scanning machines; static DWS, belt cross sorters, ring belt sorters, swing wheel sorters and other user-friendly conveyor modules suitable for cost-effective logistics systems. We are involved in various industry sectors such as postal services and warehouse management.

In last over ten years, Gosunm has been serving the clients from more than 30 countries and regions including Malaysia, Germany, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Turkey, Canada, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Russia, etc.. And we have been cooperating with some reputed brands such as Watsons, BYD, Sanqi, Robust Medical, etc.

At the same time, we are granted with the titles Including but not limited to "National High-tech Enterprise", "Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Centre", "Guangdong Postgraduate Workstation", and "Dongguan Intelligent Manufacturing Association Chairman Unit"

If you have the same problem and want to complete package sorting efficiently and reduce manual errors, you deserve gosunm logistics sorting equipment!

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As Excellent As Gosunm Intelligent. The main products are labeling machine, dws equipment, filling machine, packing machine, mask machine, sealing machine.

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