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Large Drum Labeler with 4 Label Applicators

Large drum labeler with 4 label applicators has been customized to meet the needs of our partner, who has authorized us to show some details of this machine.
The machine is suitable for multi-label positional labeling of large drums and real-time print labeling in the chemical industry. It has a total of 4 label applicators, all of which support positional labeling. Three of the label applicators have printed labels and the other has a print engine that supports real-time printing and labeling.
Gosunm specializes in designing and manufacturing back-end packaging with strong customization capabilities.
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Product Show

Large Drum Labeler with 4 Label Applicators

The working principle of the large drum labeling machine is similar to that of the round bottle labeling machine. Compared with chemical industry drums, round bottles are small in size and light in weight, so they can be labeled with common round bottle labeling machines. The chemical industry drums are 1.2m high, 0.5m in diameter and have a volume of up to 250kg, this large volume and weight container requires a customized conveyor belt and turntable to convey and rotate. The machine is equipped with 4 label applicators and supports both fixed position and print labeling. Four labels can be applied to the drums simultaneously to meet the individual labeling needs of our partners.

This labeling machine is highly flexible and can support other drum sizes after simple debugging, so one machine can be used for multiple purposes, saving costs for partners.

The machine has been precisely designed and manufactured using high quality mechanical components and electronics to ensure high stability, sustainable operation and long service life. In addition, the machine is relatively easy to maintain and service, reducing the cost of ownership.

Large Drum Labeler with 4 Label Applicators

  • Efficient labeling: The machine is equipped with 4 label applicators that can apply 4 labels simultaneously, greatly improving labeling efficiency.

  • Flexibility: The 4 label applicators of this equipment can apply different labels according to the needs, which can be printed in advance or in real time, and can be applied to different sizes of drums.

  • High reliability: The equipment adopts high-quality mechanical parts and electronic components, which are precisely designed and manufactured to ensure long-term stable use. In addition, the equipment is relatively easy to maintain and repair, which reduces the cost of ownership.

  • Cost saving: The equipment is integrated with 4 label applicators, covering a small area, the machine cost is relatively lower, and only 1 worker is needed to manage and operate it, reducing the production cost of the enterprise.

  • Intelligent control: Equipped with intelligent control system, it can realize automatic operation and intelligent management, which improves production efficiency.

  • Environmental protection and energy saving: The equipment is usually made of environmentally friendly materials, such as recyclable materials, etc.. Meanwhile, its energy consumption is low, which is conducive to reducing environmental pollution and energy saving and emission reduction.


Why Choose US

Gosunm provides highly specialized and customized services

We understand that each industry and end-user has unique needs and challenges. Therefore, we support highly customized equipment manufacturing services to ensure that the equipment is used in a way that fits perfectly into the business process and helps companies improve efficiency.

Some of the customization services we support include:

Equipment specification customization: Based on the user's production needs, we can adjust the size, performance, capacity, and other parameters of the equipment to ensure a seamless fit with your production line.

Function module customization: Whether it's adding specific functionality or removing unnecessary modules, we can meet your needs.

Software interface customization: We provide user-friendly interface with multi-language support, which can be customized according to your usage habits to simplify the operation process and improve the user experience.

Appearance design customization: We can customize the appearance of the device according to your brand image and culture, such as color, logo and other elements, to enhance brand recognition.

Gosunm is a company specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of labeling machines and related equipment. We have an experienced R&D team, which can deeply understand the characteristics of customer's industry and technology to go. We adopt advanced production process and strictly control quality supervision and management to ensure the reliability of customized equipment. We always adhere to the concept of customer-centric, committed to providing customers with high quality products and services.