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Large Parcel volume And Weight Measurement System

Static DWS system is a kind of intelligent logistics equipment used for automatic measurement of parcel volume, weight and code scanning. This device is suitable for large volume packages.
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  • GS-DWS-S-009

  • Gosunm

Product Description

The Gosunm large volume static dimensional measurement system automatically measures a variety of irregular packages to help determine whether to use the dimensions used in outbound shipments or actual weight to determine package shipping costs. The small footprint allows easy integration into current workstations, tables or transport tables, and conveyor belts.

In the e-commerce industry and warehouses, package size scanners, pallet size scanners, and package size scanners are widely used for their unparalleled productivity and accuracy.

Large parcel volume and weight measurement details


  • Reduce labor costs and increase profit margins by eliminating manual errors in measurements and database updates, preventing couriers from undercharging tickets.

  • Easy to customize to business needs.

  • Lightning fast, capturing size and weight in an industry-leading 0.2 seconds.

  • Easy to install and use, requires little special alignment or special handling when placing packages, and increases throughput with an adjustable scanning area.

big parcel volume and weight measurement
Large parcel volume and weight measurement

Work Process

The large-volume dimensional weight scanning system analyzer can scan different types of products and record product dimensions (length, width, height, volume) in the database at high speed and accuracy. Can be easily sorted at the end of the automated process.