Linear Cross Belt Sorter System

The linear cross belt sortation system is widely used in many fields, such as postal service, express delivery, e-commerce, apparel, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, fresh food delivery, consumer electronics, and third party logistics, etc. The maximum sorting efficiency can reach 9000 pieces per hour. which is a kind of high performance, high precision, low energy consumption sorting system.
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Product Description

The equipment adopts vertical combined circulation layout, the overall structure is compact, occupies less space and is suitable for use in small sites. Standard modular design, according to customer demand for customized number of compartments, the product is more cost-effective.

The system generally consists of four parts:

  • The parcel feed system, which is manually placed on the parcel feed table with the labeled side of the parcel facing up.

  • Crossbelt Sorting Module, consisting of crossbelt sorting carts and tracks.

  • Sorting system, grizzly (750mm), grizzly electrics, grizzly photoelectric sensors, bag/cage carts

  • Control system, specified configuration server (image/data, sorting/local cache); Siemens PLC, server data interaction processing, sorting control system; equipment testing, troubleshooting, maintenance reminders, etc.


The parcels are placed on the parcel feeding table by manpower, when the parcels pass the upper scanning camera, the scanning system obtains the barcode information and uploads it to the server, the server feeds back the parcel information to calculate the drop-in information, and the parcels fall into the sorting cart, which runs through the track to the designated compartment, and then slides left and right by the belt of the cart, and sends the parcels to the designated position.

linear cross belt sorter system


- Easy to use, easy to start after short training.

- Good adaptation of hardware and software, high sorting accuracy and high sorting speed

- Small footprint, suitable for small warehouses.

- Low operating and maintenance costs, low energy consumption, short payback period.

- Modular design, easy assembly and maintenance.

- The main drive is designed with magnetic levitation drive mechanism.

- Equipped with automatic deskew function, multiple detection function and over limit detection function.

Technical Parameters

Mainline Speed1.2-2m/s
Weighing functionFront static weighing / upgradeable to dynamic weighing
Maximum Sorting Efficiency9000pcs/hour
Weighing range10g-10KG
Trolley size426mm*700mm
Trolley Pitch500mm
Width of port750mm
Size range of sorted goods10*50*50-200*400*400mm
Sorting accuracy99.99%
ControllerComplete Siemens controller solutions (1500, 1200 series PLC)
Trolley drive typeDrum Motor/Servo Roller


Working Process

cross belt sorter
cross belt sorter
cross belt sorter
cross belt sorter