Loop Crossbelt Sortation System

The circular crossbelt sortation system is widely used in postal, e-commerce, transit warehousing and third party logistics industries. This sorting system has high efficiency and high precision automated sorting capability, which is suitable for the environment of complicated orders, numerous categories and complex sorting. The whole set of sorting equipment adopts modular design, which can be flexibly configured according to different locations, greatly improving sorting efficiency and accuracy, and can effectively solve the problem of labor shortage.
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Product Description

Equipment Composition

  •  DWS parcel supply system with code scanning, weighing and volume measurement, the efficiency of single parcel supply table is 1300~1500 pieces/per hour, also can be manually loaded on the parcel for sorting, after reading the parcel information, the parcels will be put on the sorting trolley directly for sorting.

  • Sorting carriage, composed of carriage and carriage rail.

  •  Lowering system: grate opening (750mm), grate opening electric, grate opening photoelectric (full grate detection), bag/cage trolley.

  • Control system: specified configuration server (image/data, sorting/local cache); Siemens PLC, server data interaction processing, sorting control system; equipment testing, fault diagnosis, maintenance reminder, etc.; operation parameter setting, remote management, data statistics, etc.; IT-level network support equipment, data docking; interconnected intelligent gateway system; WEB server network system; industrial network data exchange system.

Work Process

When the parcels reach the bottom of the DWS equipment, the volume and weight information of the parcels are automatically measured, the face sheet information on the parcels is read, and the parcel information acquired by the DWS equipment is retained in the industrial control machine or uploaded to the ERP system. By the program to confirm the parcels fall into the grid position, the parcels enter the sorting trolley through the parcel supply table, the sorting trolley runs on the track, and when it reaches the specified grid, it slides left and right by the belt on the trolley, and the parcels will fall into the specified grid for collection.


  • Compact package with small footprint

  •  Integration of weighing, volume measurement and code scanning to save time

  • Wide application range, suitable for different types of parcels, high sorting efficiency and low failure rate.

  • High reliability, the sorter adopts redundancy design for the whole machine drive and other components, with high reliability and expandability.

  • Easy to install and maintain, low noise, cost-effective and durable.

Technical Parameters

Mainline Speed1.8-2.5m/s
Weighing functionFront static weighing / upgradeable to dynamic weighing
Maximum Sorting Efficiency13200pcs/hour
Weighing range10g-10Kg
Trolley size426mm*700mm
Trolley Pitch600mm
Width of port750mm
Size range of sorted goods10*50*50-200*400*400mm
Size range of sorted goods99.99%
ControllerComplete Siemens controller solutions (1500, 1200 series PLC)
Loop driveLinear motor (electromagnetic drive)
Trolley drive typeDrum Motor/Servo Roller


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The Circular cross-belt sorting systems are widely used in postal, e-commerce, transit warehousing and third-party logistics industries.

Wide application range, suitable for different types of parcels, high sorting efficiency and low failure rate.

 Circular cross-belt sorting systems

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