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Mobile trolley type automatic measuring square scanning and weighing all-in-one machine

The Mobile Trolley Static DWS is a small, lightweight logistics equipment that can be freely and flexibly moved to perform volume measurement, weighing and sweeping of parcels. Compared with the standard version of the Static DWS, this device is equipped with 4 high-quality universal wheels, which can be adapted to multi-space operation tasks in e-commerce, warehousing and other scenarios.
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  • GS-DWS-S-003

  • Gosunm

Product Description

This system adopts a modular design and is easy to install and maintain. It can quickly solve the tasks of cargo weighing, volume measurement, and barcode identification at one time in various scenarios such as e-commerce sorting, logistics distribution, and shopping malls, and upload detection data. To the management system, it helps enterprises optimize the distribution process and improve business decisions.

The initial investment for this set of equipment is small and the payback cycle is quick. Even in high-volume transportation and sorting processes, the size and total quantity information of goods can be quickly measured. It is suitable for use with a real-time printing and labeling machine, which can automatically generate labels with specified information to complete the automated sorting process of goods.

simple modelmoveable static dws


  • Fast measurement efficiency: 30 times more efficient than manual measurement

  • High accuracy, can measure irregular objects: the error can be controlled at the millimeter level

  • High compatibility: supports various systems and computer devices

  • Intelligent photo storage: Automatically take photos and save them locally to facilitate later query and management

  • Easy to move: can be placed at will and takes up little space

white moveable static dws