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Parcel Steerable Wheel Sorting Machine | Wheel Sorter - Gosunm

Wheel sorter, also known as roller sorter, tilt wheel sorter or guide wheel sorter, is a kind of logistics automation parcel sorting equipment. Its main function is to efficiently divert parcels according to the instructions of the system, according to the courier company, shipping address or other classification criteria
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  • GS-S-001

  • Gosunm


Product Description

Wheel sorter realizes automatic guidance and sorting of parcels by changing the direction of rollers, and is an efficient automated sorting system commonly used in modern logistics centers. It has a very wide range of applications in e-commerce, express delivery, postal, manufacturing, fresh cold chain and other industries.

Wheel sorter consists of wheels (drums), steering device, control system and frame. It drives the parcel transmission by rotating wheels, and realizes parcel sorting by changing the direction and angle of the motorized drum by servo motor and steering module. It can be used for all kinds of parcels such as cartons, waterproof bags, woven bags, etc. under 50kg. It can reach 1.5m/sde transfer speed. The wheels of the wheel sorter all adopt standardized and modularized design, and the conveyor unit is an independent module, which can be easily disassembled and separated from the transmission components, enabling convenient and quick disassembly and maintenance.

wheel sorter
wheel sorter detail
wheeled sorter and roller conveyor details

The wheel sorter is a smooth conveying and sorting process, especially suitable for conveying and sorting garments, books, cartons, boxes and part of the soft package parcels. In the courier, logistics centers, warehouses and other scenarios, the parcel sorting work can be completed quickly and accurately. The wheel sorter can be used in combination with multiple units or with transfer rollers or conveyor belts. In warehouse transit centers, it can efficiently handle high-volume parcels and orders with dynamic DWS equipment. In the manufacturing industry, it can be used to efficiently handle materials such as raw materials and components by holding companies, sorting and storing them according to regulations.

green white wheeled sorting machine
old white wheeled sorting machine


  • It has the advantages of large load, low noise, high speed and smooth transmission.

  • Wheel sorter has simple design, stable structure and low failure rate.

  • Standardized and modular design, easy to disassemble and maintain.

  • Can be used in parallel, suitable for narrow space scenes, can also be used with conveyor belts, suitable for sorting larger packages.

Successful cases

Successful cases
wheeled sorter and roller conveyor details
wheeled sorter details
wheeled sorter