Parcel Top Scanning System

The Parcel Top Scanning System is an intelligent logistics system that collects and processes parcel top information to help companies quickly and accurately identify parcel top information and eliminate parcels with incomplete and incorrect top information. The system can be seamlessly integrated into the customer's conveyor system to achieve efficient and accurate data collection while reducing manual errors and improving logistics efficiency.
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  • GS-DWS-D-004

  • Gosunm

Product Description

Parcel Top Scanning System is a simple version of efficient logistics equipment, which reduces the volume measurement and weight measurement modules compared with the traditional DWS system. This system adopts high-quality dynamic code scanning camera, which can realize accurate code scanning in the process of parcel dynamic advancement, and can support 0.2mm, and is equipped with unqualified parcel rejection system, which can reject the products with incorrect information on parcel leaflet in time to avoid the problematic parcels from entering the next link, which is a good helper for the e-commerce industry and other industries.

Parcel Top Scanning System



  • Simple equipment structure, easy to operate and maintain, designed for long service life

  • Equipped with a reject system to increase the speed of parcel handling.

  • The machine is compact and made of high quality materials for durability.

As a modular solution, automated scanning equipment can be implemented within a minimal footprint and can be easily integrated with dynamic scales for increased efficiency. Gosunm system also offers complete reporting and diagnostic capabilities.