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Petri Dish Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Petri dish shrink sleeve labeling machine, also called sample box shrink sleeve labeling machine, adopts electric heat shrinking to uniformly pack 10 petri dishes stacked together, which is convenient for packaging and use.

This machine can be used either individually or docked to a production line. It can stack 10 colony petri dishes together by mechanical device, fix the petri dishes by specific carrier, and flow to the next packaging process after completing the labeling task.

The high degree of automation of this machine can effectively provide work efficiency and enhance the economic benefits of the company.

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Product Display

Petri Dish Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Heat shrinkable film is an indispensable material for sleeve labelling machines, and there are mainly the following types:

PE film: This is one of the most common shrink films, widely used for its good sealing, high transparency and low cost. It is suitable for packaging various products such as food and beverages.

PVC film: despite its low cost and wide temperature shrink range, it has been banned in many countries for environmental reasons (difficult to recycle and produces toxic gases when burnt). If used, local regulations must be complied with.

OPS film: An alternative to PVC, it has good shrink properties and is more environmentally friendly. High quality OPS film is currently in short supply in the domestic market and is partly dependent on imports.

PETG film: This copolymer film has good environmental performance and can be pre-adjusted for shrinkage, making it suitable for applications with specific environmental requirements.

PET film: With better mechanical properties and environmental characteristics, it is often used in packaging applications that require greater durability.

Each type of shrink film has its own unique advantages and choosing the right material requires consideration of product characteristics, packaging requirements and cost.


  • High efficiency: capable of shrink wrapping 10 sample boxes at one time with good packaging effect.

  • Stability: Adopting advanced mechanical system and control system to ensure that the stacked sample boxes are neatly conveyed on the conveyor belt.

  • Flexibility: The equipment can be used individually or docked to the production line.

  • High degree of automation: it can perform the label snapping operation automatically, which reduces the burden of manual operation.

  • High precision: the use of high-precision manipulator and positioning system can ensure the accuracy and stability of the position of the label sleeve labeling.

  • Convenient maintenance: adopting standardized mechanical and electrical parts, maintenance and service are convenient and quick

Petri Dish Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Petri Dish Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine