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Print and Apply Label Applicator

The print and apply label applicator is the core component of the print and apply labeling machine, which directly affects the working efficiency of the print and apply labeling machine.Gosunm print and apply solution is characterized by high efficiency, stable performance, reliable quality, simple debugging and easy operation. The equipment adopts a modular design, easy replacement of components can realize a variety of different ways of labeling, applicable to a variety of different scenarios. It has a wide range of applications in e-commerce, logistics and fresh food industry.
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Product Description

Print and Apply Label Applicator

Gosunm printing and labeling machines all adopt modular design of label applicator, which can realize many different ways of printing and labeling by upgrading different accessories, and it is the best solution to cope with complex labeling scenarios. After exchanging the corresponding accessories, the system can realize 8 different kinds of labeling, such as pneumatic pressure labeling,motorised press sticker, air blow sticker, roll labeling, corner sticker, swing arm apply moudle, right-angle double-sided sticker, and multi-module sticker. The modular design is the best solution for labeling in complex scenes and is well received by partners.

Print and Apply Label Applicator

  • Modular design, easy to deal with complex scenes labeling

  • Adopt high-quality printing and labeling engine, high efficiency and high precision

  • Easy debugging and operation, quick replacement of components.

  • Stable structure of the equipment supports long-term continuous, uninterrupted and stable operation.

  • High-quality industrial design program to ensure the service life of the equipment.

  • Excellent hardware and software combination ability, can be self-adaptive speed labeling.

Why Choose US

Improved Efficiency, Stability and Reliability | Gosum Print & Apply Labeling Solutions

The print and apply label applicators play a crucial role in Gosum's print and apply labeling machines and have a direct impact on the machine's efficiency. Our print and apply solutions are known for their high efficiency, stability and reliable performance.

High efficiency: Our well-designed machines are capable of completing print and apply labeling tasks quickly and accurately, greatly increasing work efficiency.

Stable performance: Whether in continuous operation or high-intensity work, our equipment maintains excellent performance to ensure smooth operation.

Reliable quality: We strictly control every production process to ensure the high quality of the devices, so you can have peace of mind.

Easy debugging: Our equipment is easy to debug, even a beginner can get started quickly, saving your time and energy.

Easy operation: Our equipment is easy to operate, no need for complicated steps, just a few steps can easily complete the labeling task.

In addition, our equipment adopts a modular design, only need to replace the parts, you can realize a variety of different labeling methods, to meet your needs in different scenarios. Whether you are in e-commerce, logistics or fresh food industry, our equipment can provide you with the perfect solution.


Q: Should I choose real-time printing and labeling machine or cache printing and labeling machine?

A: If each label is different, choose real-time printing and labeling machine, if the same batch of labels are the same, choose

cache printing and labeling machine.

Q:What is the maximum labeling speed?

A:It depends on label size and printing content.

Q:How is the data sent sent to the printer?

A:We usually send the print content to the printer using FastReport /Bartender / ZPL.

Q:What types of connections are supported?

A:The printer supports network port, USB, and serial port.

Q: What is the operating voltage of the machine?

A: The standard working voltage is AC 220V, you can add a transformer to adapt to different voltages.

Q: Does the machine need compressed air?

A: The standard version of the machine needs compressed air, support customized pure electric version.

Q:Can the machine be docked to the system?

A: The machine can be docked system, need to reserve docking API.

Q: Does the printer use thermal transfer printing or thermal printing technology?

A: Both thermal transfer printing and thermal printing technology can be supported.

Q: What scenarios is it applicable to?

A: In logistics, medical, warehousing, fresh food and other scenes that require printing and labeling are widely used.