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QR code labeling machine: labeling equipment for traceable product quality

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Russia, Asia and some European countries will impose consumption taxes on imported carbonated drinks. Sugary drinks are considered taxable goods. Starting from July 1, 2023, sugary drinks will be subject to excise tax at the rate of 7 rubles per liter. It is expected that after the implementation of this law, the annual consumption tax collected in the Ural region of Russia alone will be as high as 30 million rubles. In the first four months of 2023, 1 million liters of carbonated drinks were released in the Ural region through electronic customs inspection. Most of the imported beverages in this region are: non-alcoholic highly carbonated drinks in 300ml to 2L aluminum cans, glass bottles or plastic bottles, with added sugar and flavorings. Gaoshang has developed a traceable product and anti-counterfeiting labeling machine to track and manage sales through the QR code on the bottle cap. Our QR code labeling machine-high-speed linear labeling machine can solve this problem very well. The quality and import source of the product can be traced through the QR code on the bottle cap, thus effectively helping our customers avoid buying fake products and collecting consumption tax in some countries.

In the production and processing of many products, the most common method is to label or engrave laser codes to identify the Panel ID and Piece ID of the current product, and the smart labeling machine is used to complete these actions. Not only the marking action is completed, but it can also be uploaded to traceability systems such as MES/FIS/ERP to achieve downstream or customer tracking. Contemporary society is increasingly dependent on electronic products, such as mobile phones. We can query the identity of the mobile phone through its IMEI and query the accessory supplier information from its internal accessory code. Therefore, traceability through identification is a must for every automated smart factory, especially in the food packaging industry.

Bottle cap QR code labeling machine

In order to help customers achieve this goal, our company has specially developed an intelligent high-speed bottle cap QR code labeling machine, which can easily and perfectly realize the functions of identification and information uploading systems to help you solve traceability problems. Traceability system. Find product introductions, logistics centers through which the products flow, number of transshipments, information on various raw materials used in the products, etc. Able to achieve one code per product. Nowadays, using our QR code labeling machine can be said to realize the function of clear information query from demand construction to integration of production process control and logistics management. The one-object-one-code product traceability system comprehensively uses advanced Internet of Things, mobile Internet, QR code, RFID and other Internet of Things technologies, covering all aspects of packaging, warehousing, warehousing, logistics orders, transportation, sales, and terminal stores. The process is well documented. Consumers can watch the production process of the product, which also plays a supervisory role, and they will buy the product with more confidence.

Bottle cap QR code labeling machine


1. High progress, fast speed, speed ≥6,000BPH

2. It can realize the adsorption and placement of printed roll labels.

3. Configure the printer to achieve real-time printing function.

Bottle cap QR code labeling machine

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