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Roll on Printing and Labeling Machine

As one of the lowest cost print and apply labeling systems on the market and one of the most common applications for print and apply labeling, roll on printing and labeling machine are efficient, reliable and easy to use. Compared to press sticker and air blow labeling, roll labeling is the fastest and easiest to troubleshoot when changing labels of different sizes. However, this type of roll labeling can only be applied to one size of product at a time; if you need to apply different heights of product, you must make simple adjustments to the machine. Roll on printing and labeling is more suitable for products with consistent specifications.
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Product Show

Rolling Paster Printing and Labeling Machine

Model GST-306
Labeling accuracy ±2mm
Labeling speed 5-40pcs/min (depends on the label size)
Label size Length 30-250mm, width 30-100mm
Additional conveyor’s height 700-800mm
Label roll diameter Outer Max. 300mm, inner 76mm
Surrounding temperature 10-40℃
Surrounding humidity 15-85%
Air supply No need
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz, single phase
Machine dimension 1600(L)*880(W)*1300(H)(mm)
Machine weight 150kg

Rolling Paster Printing and Labeling Machine

No. Item Brand Origin QTY
1 Label Winding Stepper motor & drive Leadshine China 1
2 Conveyor Speed regulator motor Wanshsin China 1
3 Real time Printer Zebra ZE500-4 USA 1
4 Photoelectric sensor for product Panasonic/Riko Japan/Taiwan 1
5 Photoelectric sensor for common label Huayifeng/Leuze China/Germany 1
6 Leakage power supply Schneider France 1
7 PLC Xinje China 1
8 HMI Xinje China 1
9 Rolling belt stepper motor&driver Leadshine China 1
10 IPC Huajing/ China 1
11 Screen AOC China 1
12 Stainless steel rack Gosunm China 1

The roll-on printing and labeling machine consists of label applicator, printing engine, industrial control all-in-one machine and aluminum alloy frame. The roll-on printing and labeling machine is one of the most widely used and efficient in printing and applying labels. This equipment can quickly and on-demand print bar codes, 2D codes, shipping information or other information on the label, and then apply these labels one by one to the product. It is often used to label cartons, boxes, square drums, and other items with uniform specifications. After pressing the start button of the machine, the conveyor belt moves the product to the specified position, the object sensor detects the product and transmits the information to the industrial controller, which gives the instruction of labeling, and finally the label is wiped onto the surface of the product by the roller on the label applicator to complete the labeling work. The maximum label size is 205*100mm.

Rolling Paster Printing and Labeling Machine

  • High labeling speed and accuracy

  • Easy debugging and operation, short time to change labels

  • Strong adaptability, can be adapted to a variety of different sizes of labels, different sizes of products

  • Adoption of industrial design program, equipment design and long service life

  • Good equipment performance, stable and reliable machine structure, can support a long period of continuous and stable operation

Why Choose US

Cost effective and easy to use | Gosunm Rolling Print & Apply Labeling Machine

Gosum's Rolling Print & Apply Labeling Machine is one of the most cost-effective print and apply labeling systems on the market and the most common way to print and apply labels. It is widely popular for its efficiency, reliability and ease of use.

Product Advantages:

Efficient speed: Compared to press and blow labeling, roll labeling is faster and can complete a large number of labeling tasks in a short period of time.

Easy startup: When changing to different label sizes, the start-up process of roll-on labeling is much simpler, saving your time and effort.

Dedicated applicator: Roll-on mode can only be applied to one product size at a time, ensuring labeling accuracy and consistency.

Flexible customization: If you need to label products of different heights, simply adjust the machine to accommodate different product requirements.

Suitable for consistent specifications: Roll-to-print labeling machines are more suitable for products with uniform specifications and can provide stable and efficient labeling services.