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Semi automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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Semi-auto Round Bottle Labeling Machine to paste the self-adhesive labels onto a bottle.

This model is one of our oldest traditional models, so we already improved all the defects during the past 15 years. It is a stable functioning machine with portable size and easy adjusting method.

1.This machine itself is 500 mm long, by 300mm wide by 450mm height.

2.And this machine is with a wide range of bottle size: the maximum speed is 45pcs per minute and the maximum label size is 150mm by 220mm.

3.And the bottle can be 150mm diameter as biggest.

This labeling machine is suitable to process the bottle and jars for cosmetic, wine, beverage, paint, gift, candy, and preserved food, and so on.

gst-413 海报news

As a manufacturer with fifteen years of professional labeling machine production experience, and we are also a design-oriented company, in this case, if you have a special label or bottle, come to us, we can customize it to you.

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