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Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for Coils of Tin Wire

This tin wire coil shrink sleeve labeling machine consists of two parts: flat labeling machine and electric shrink sleeve labeling machine. The flat labeling machine is responsible for labeling the top surface of the circular label, and the shrink sleeve labeling machine is responsible for applying the shrink sleeve.

The lead content in the wire is easily oxidized by oxygen and water vapor in the air, resulting in oxidation, blackening, or an oxide film on the surface of the wire. To prevent this from happening, tin wires must be stored in a sealed manner to isolate them from air and water vapor. Transparent film is a good choice, which can serve as an insulator against air and water vapor, and also allows consumers to see the true condition of the product before purchase.

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Product Display

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for Coils of Tin Wire

We present this shrink sleeve labeller for tin wire coils, an industry-leading packaging machine that incorporates two core technologies: flat labelling and electro-thermal shrink sleeve technology. The flat labelling section is designed to efficiently and accurately apply circular labels to the top of the wire, ensuring that each label is in the most appropriate position for optimum visual impact and identification. The dedicated shrink sleeve labelling section is responsible for applying a special heat-shrinkable protective film to the product, which is electro-thermally treated to conform to the coil profile and form a uniform protective layer.

During the production process, the wire is particularly susceptible to the effects of the storage environment. The lead content is susceptible to chemical reactions with oxygen and water vapour in the environment, which often results in unsightly oxidation of the wire surface in the form of a black or white oxide layer, affecting product quality and sales performance. To effectively prevent this problem, we stress the importance of sealed storage. By using our shrink wrapping machines, the wire can be sealed in a transparent protective film which not only completely isolates it from air and water vapour, greatly reducing the risk of oxidation, but also preserves the original appearance and quality of the product.

In addition, the use of transparent film as a protective material has the added benefit of allowing the consumer to visualise the product inside prior to purchase, which is essential for maintaining brand integrity and increasing consumer confidence. Our equipment provides not only a practical solution, but also a double guarantee of product quality and market image.

Product   Name Full-Auto Shrink Sleeve Labeling   Machine with Electric Heater Shrinking Tunnel
Model GST-250E
Labeling speed 30-200pcs/min (depends on the label size)
Shrunk label accuracy ±2.5mm(depends on product size and the label thickness)
Conveyor’s height 800mm
Product size Diameter φ20-100mm, height 50-280mm
Label size Diameter φ20-110mm, length 50-280mm
Distance between nearby labels 3-5mm±0.2mm
Label thickness 0.03-0.06mm
Label material PVC/PET
Label roll diameter Outer Max.450mm, inner 76mm
Surrounding temperature 10-40℃
Surrounding humidity 15-85%
Power 12kW
Power Supply Labeling Unit: AC220V, 50/60Hz, single phase;
Shrinking Tunnel AC380V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase
Air supply No need
Machine dimension 5875(L)*1100(W)*2000(H)(mm)
Machine weight 1100kg

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for Coils of Tin Wire

No. Item Brand Origin QTY
1 Film   rewinding inverter motor Wanshsin China 1
2 Film   pulling servo motor Xinje China 1
3 Film   Cutter servo motor Xinje China 1
4 Film   sleeving inverter motor Wanshsin China 1
5 Film   platform up&down inverter motor Wanshsin China 1
6 Conveyor   motor Wanshsin China 1
7 leakage   circuit breaker Chint/Schneider Japan/France 1
8 Label   film photoelectric sensors Sick Germany 1
9 Product   photoelectric sensor Panasonic/Sick Japan/   Germany 1
10 PLC Mitsubishi Japan 1
11 Touch   screen WECON China 1
12 Power   switch MEANWELL China 1

NOTE: the configuration may be adjusted reasonably according to the actual material delivery time, and the configuration can be revised according to customer needs

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine for Coils of Tin Wire

  • High efficiency: complete the labeling of two labels at a time, improve production efficiency.

  • Stability: Adopting advanced mechanical system and control system to ensure that the stacked sample boxes are neatly conveyed on the conveyor belt.

  • Flexibility: The equipment can be used either individually or docked to a production line.

  • High precision: The adoption of high-precision manipulator and positioning system can ensure the accuracy and positional stability of the label sleeve.

  • Convenient maintenance: Adopting standardized mechanical and electrical components, maintenance and service are convenient and quick.