Skew Wheel Sorting Machine

For Postal/ Express Courier Logistic Company Link To Dws System
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Product Description

The sorting principle of the oblique guide wheel sorter is to read the barcode on the goods through the automatic code scanner, and then specify the oblique guide wheel to make the corresponding action through the program written in the bar code, so that the goods are transported to the corresponding sorting port (Or diversion channel) to complete the partitioning of different goods in order to distinguish the distribution.


Power220V/380v, 50/60Hz 
Loading Size(Max)1200(L)*800(W)*800(H)mm 
Loading Size (Min)100(L)*100(W)*10(H)mm

Loading Weight (Max)


Loading Weight (Min)

Roller Speed Max150m/min
Diverting Angle30-45 degree
Wheel MaterialCarbon steel / Stainless steel /Aliminum/PVC etc.
Surface MaterialNickel plating/Galvanized /Rubber etc

Product Features

1. Quickly and accurately classify all commodities by variety, owner, storage location or delivery location in the shortest time;

2. Transport these commodities to designated channels;

3. Transport to different tally areas or distribution stations according to different distribution locations for loading and distribution.

4. Low requirements on the shape of goods, high sorting speed and high accuracy.

Details Images

skew wheel sorting machine feature

One corner of assembly workshop assembly and debugging site of ball diverting sorter conveyor

One corner of assembly workshop assembly and debugging site of ball diverting sorter conveyor


Application 1:  E-commerce sorting and logistics company

Application Scenario E-commerce sorting and logistics company

Application 2:  Customs sorting project

         Customs sorting project          Customs sorting project