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Square Drum Side Print and Apply Labeling Machine

Square drum side print and apply labeling machine is suitable for real-time side printing and labeling of square drums, boxes and other items. The content on the label is real-time, which can be from the database, code scanning gun or DWS, etc. The content of each label is different, and the label and the item match one by one. The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the body structure is stable and robust.
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Product Show

Square drum side print and apply labeling machine consists of printing engine, labeling system, conveyor belt, control device and frame. Through the machine or manually put the square drum to be labeled on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt is responsible for controlling the running speed of the labeled products, the products will be transported to the location of the labeling system, the photoelectric sensor detects the products, it will be immediately feedback to the control device, the control device under the name of label printing and applying labeling, and then through the printing engine to complete the label printing work, the labeling system to complete the labeling work, and finally through the conveyor belt to the next link. Input into the next link, this is the complete running process of this machine. It can be used alone or connected with other equipment to form a complete production line.

Gosunm has a strict quality control system to ensure the reliability and stability of the machines in every aspect of development, manufacturing, sales, transportation, installation, use and after-sales. Our R&D team has more than 15 years of experience in machine development. In the manufacturing process, we use high quality raw materials and carry out meticulous sheet metal work on all metal parts. During the sales process, our pre-sales engineers will fully discuss the needs and problems with customers until they are satisfied. In the packing process, we will do meticulous maintenance and sealing of the machine to avoid accidental damage during transportation. We have complete video tutorials and operation manuals for the machines, and we can also arrange implementation engineers to come to the customer's site for guidance. Our after-sales engineers always provide customers with prompt, appropriate and reliable after-sales service.

Side Print and Apply Labeling Machine

  • Good machine compatibility, wide product range prescribed stroke.

  • Easy commissioning and operation, easy training to master the use of methods.

  • Stable and durable machine structure, supporting long-term stable operation.

  • Excellent industrial design, long service life.

  • Good combination of hardware and software, can support self-adaptive labeling speed.

  • Able to dock with production lines, labeling speed automatically match with conveyor speed.

Side Print and Apply Labeling Machine

Square Drum Side Print and Apply Labeling Machine