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Stastic DWS(Dimension Weight Scanning)Shipped To America

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For some manufacturing companies’ own warehouses and some small sorting centers of logistics companies, due to the small warehouse traffic and considering the investment cost, such warehouses generally do not fully upgrade the dynamic DWS system. Spending the minimum cost to improve the automation level and meet production needs has become a difficult problem for the development of enterprises. Our American customer also has the same problem, so he came to consult gosunm.

For such low-traffic sites of American customers, gosunm proposed an integrated solution of static code reading, weighing and volume measurement - stastic dws. This solution consists of a code reading module + static scale + static volume measurement equipment. It is easy to install, accurate in measurement, and cost-effective, meeting the needs of most small transit sites and warehouses.

The machine consists of a barcode reading module + static scale + static volume measuring equipment. The package is placed in the middle of the scale platform to complete the entire process of weighing, reading the barcode, and measuring the volume. The data is bound, recorded, and displayed on the display screen. At the same time, the information is sent to the customer through the protocol, forming a DWS integration and providing a basis for calculating the freight of the package.

Features of stastic dws

Volume measurement

Use RGBD camera to obtain volume data and control costs.

Barcode scanning

Use area array camera or imported barcode scanner to quickly and stably identify and obtain comprehensive data. Both one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes can be scanned.

Static weighing

Use static scale to easily remove the package after weighing, and also provide a basis for charging by package weight, improve work efficiency, and save manpower and material resources.

Static DWS is generally used in semi-automatic working environments. You need to manually place the measured goods into the measuring area of the machine. The machine will then automatically measure the volume and weight of the goods and store the data on a computer or upload it to the cloud. Because it is convenient to use, employees can just put the goods on it. The sorting process is completed by this one device, saving the factory a lot of time.

gosunm has 17 years of experience in the machine vision logistics industry. It is committed to the deep integration of machine vision and logistics automation industries. It is practically application-oriented and provides package information automatic recognition system and material handling system solutions. If your company has the same problem, please consult us now.

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