Standard Static DWS Machine

Static DWS is a kind of intelligent logistics equipment widely used in many fields such as postal service, express delivery, e-commerce, apparel, manufacturing, consumer electronics and third-party logistics, etc.
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  • GS-DWS-S-001

  • Gosunm

Product Description

This machine is designed to handle small parcels, with a weighing accuracy of up to 1g. The dedicated weighing scanner for small parcels is more suitable for emerging express companies or e-commerce distribution centers. Its system is able to automatically complete the parcel volume measurement, weighing and code scanning when the goods are stationary. The static DWS system is part of the intelligent logistics solution that improves the accuracy and efficiency of parcel handling, helping companies to reduce costs and improve service quality. Gosunm's logistics equipment has experienced the 20 years of rapid development of China's e-commerce, and has grown with many of China's leading e-commerce companies to truly understand the needs of e-commerce customers.


- Easy to use with built-in camera light source

- Measures, weighs, reads and processes data in one unit

- Compact design, designed for small packages

- Ergonomically designed control panel for ease of use

- Efficient and accurate, handles up to 1000 parcels per hour

static dws
sliver static dws
red static dws
yellow static dws

Working Principle

The static DWS system consists of four parts: code reading camera, weighing equipment, volume measuring equipment and industrial control computer.

The reading camera is responsible for scanning and recognizing the barcode or 2D code on the package, and is capable of reading 0.25mm barcode. The scale is used to measure the weight of the goods with a measurement accuracy of ±10g. The volume measuring device is used to accurately measure the dimensions of the goods and calculate the volume, supporting a maximum parcel size of 500*500*500mm.The data measured by these three modules are unified and summarized in the industrial computer, which handles and summarizes the output of this part of the data, and is responsible for interfacing with the warehouse management system and uploading the data in real time. The industrial computer is also responsible for interfacing with the warehouse management system to upload data in real time.

static dws details

Parameters Table

Processing speed1000PPH
Dimension accuracy+/-5mm
Weight accuracy±10g
Maximum weight50kg
Scale platform500mm*500mm