Static DWS & Reciprocating Sorter

This parcel sortation system combines static DWS equipment and reciprocating sortation modules and is widely used in e-commerce companies, postal services, third-party cloud warehouses and other parcel sorting scenarios.
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  • GS-DWS-S-010

  • Gosunm

Product Description

The system is equipped with 11 sorting compartments, which can be customized to deliver parcels to different compartments. The static DWS module of this system can be used individually or docked to different sorting modules to complete the specified sorting tasks, which is an efficient, economical and flexible e-commerce logistics sorting solution that can effectively improve the parcel sorting capacity and management level of small and medium-sized e-commerce companies.

With the rapid growth of express delivery business, the demand for logistics sorting lines continues to increase. gosunm has developed a parcel sorting system, which integrates static DWS equipment and reciprocating sorting modules. The static DWS module can be used alone, or It can be connected to different sorting modules to complete designated sorting tasks. It is a high-efficiency, high-speed, low-noise, low-error rate, and cost-effective e-commerce logistics sorting solution that can effectively improve small and medium-sized e-commerce. Its parcel sorting capabilities and management level, high-speed switching technology, modular unit integration technology, and low operating noise have all reached the international advanced level.

Reciprocating sorter


1. Provide comprehensive technical and business consulting services;

2. Propose the most suitable solutions and equipment for customers;

3. Design and produce targeted products according to customers’ special requirements;

4. All equipment is guaranteed within one year and provides lifetime maintenance services.

5. Provide complete teaching videos and materials, easy to operate and simple to maintain.

6. After the machine has been used for several years, Gosunm promises to provide detailed renovation plans, original equipment replacement and software and hardware upgrades to extend the machine's service life by more than 3-4 years.