Static DWS System & 4 Stations Sorting

Static DWS & 4 Sorters is a static DWS system combined with 4 sorters. This set is equipped with 4 sorting workstations, which can not only perform the three core tasks of parcel size measurement, weighing and code scanning, but also customize the sorting according to the pre-set program.
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  • GS-DWS-S-005

  • Gosunm

Product Description

Static DWS Equipped with 4 sorting tables, the system automatically sorts parcels according to the parcel information, which greatly improves the sorting efficiency and has a significant advantage in coping with the increasing volume of parcels in logistics.

This static DWS & 4-station sorter is based on the static DWS equipment, which upgrades the static DWS table into a conveyor belt that can move horizontally left and right and is responsible for conveying parcels to the left and right, and adds a longitudinal sorting table on each side of the conveyor belt, expanding the functionality of the equipment and greatly increasing the sorter's efficiency, with sorting efficiencies up to 2000 pieces per hour.

black static dws & 4 sorting shutts back
black static dws & 4 sorting shutts
blue static dws & 4 sorting shutts

Work Process

1. Place the package or package on the surface of the middle conveyor belt.

2. The machine system collects barcode values and images, and the load sensor reads the weight.

3. The system performs data processing and integrates it with sorting rules.

4. The parcels are automatically transported to the set sorting port according to the data.

Why Choose Gosunm

◆ Professional manufacturer with R&D and design capabilities

◆ Focus on DWS equipment and sorting equipment and provide overall warehousing solutions

◆ Possess various certificates and patents

◆ Stable and mature supply system, supporting customization

◆ Young and active sales and engineers, 24-hour after-sales service

◆ The machine has been upgraded based on ergonomics, making it easy to maintain and install.