Swing Wheel Sorting Conveyor with DWS

Dimension Weight Scanning | DWS System Solution
  • Accurate measurement of cargo volume
  • Fast and accurate scanning
  • Inclined wheel dynamic sorting
  • Consists of static DWS, dynamic DWS, inclined wheel sorter and conveyor belt
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  • GSDWS-S002



Product Description

Parcel Steerable Wheel Sorting Machine




Also known as inclined guide wheel sorter, deflected wheel sorter, modular  wheel sorter. It is a sorting equipment that drives the direction of the sorted items by changing the direction of the rollers on the contact surface to achieve the purpose of sorting. The  wheel sorter is more used in unloading rough sorting, bulky sorting, heavy sorting, scanning loading and other links. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high accuracy, high load capacity, light application, and zero loss in sorting.

Application of Dynamic DWS Equipment

E-commerce, express delivery, postal service, fresh cold chain, distribution center, food, beverage, medicine, 3C, electronics, daily chemical and other industries.

Scenarios such as rough sorting of express unloading vehicles, large express packaging vehicles, food, beverages, production lines, and airports.

Product Description

*Wheel sorter

It is mainly composed of fully modular independent  wheel, synchronous steering controller, transmission device, frame and so on.

It is an important part of the logistics conveying automatic sorting system. Wheel sorter is mainly composed of conveying rollers, synchronous steering controller, transmission, and frame. During operation, the steering controller changes the direction of the conveyor rollers according to the instructions and information recognition issued by the management system, enabling multi-angle and multi-sided sorting of items on the left and right, and moving the items to the sorting conveyor. Wheel sorter automatic sorter can be used for product sorting, merging, positioning, rotation, separation, interval control, edge transport, etc. It is the most powerful sorting equipment used in the express industry today.

*Wheel sorter

Machine Workflow

The  wheel sorter drives the rollers forward through the transmission device, and the synchronous steering controller drives the entire  wheel module to turn left and right, so as to realize the forward, left, and right delivery of goods.


1. Modular design, each  wheel is an independent module, which can flexibly adjust the number of  wheels according to the actual application needs of users, so as to realize the adjustment of the length of the conveying surface and the width of the sorting surface of the  wheel sorter.

2. Low noise, quiet design, the noise is as low as 60 decibels (about the same as the normal speaking volume).

3. Easy to maintain, a single person can complete the maintenance or replacement of the  wheel module within 10 minutes.

4. Easy to integrate, a single person can complete the integration within 5 minutes.

5. Flexible matching, a single device covers an area of less than 1 square meter, and can be combined freely

6. Short payback cycle.


1. It is suitable for sorting heavy and large items. It can withstand the sorting of heavy items up to 50kg, and the maximum package size can reach 1200x 1000 x 800mm.

2. Flexible sorting, reducing damage. The  wheel sorter is connected with the belt, and the rollers are wrapped with rubber, so the conveying action is soft and the goods will not be lost.

3. Independent module, low failure rate. The  wheel sorter adopts a structural design, each  wheel is a separate module, and the failure rate is extremely low. Even if a failure occurs, the module repair or replacement can be completed within 10 minutes.

4.The sorting speed is fast and the error is low. 3000-6000 pieces/hour,  wheel sorting and use barcode technology to identify packages, the error rate is only one in a million.