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Transparent Tape (3 rolls) Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Transparent tape shrink sleeve labeling machine is specially designed for packaging multiple rolls of transparent tape together. After the tape is covered with heat shrinkable film, the film is first formed by a special heat blowing mechanism and then sent to an electric shrink oven to complete the heat shrinking process. At the end of this machine is a roll labeling machine that can apply labels with product and company information to the already packaged transparent tapes.

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Product Display

Transparent Tape (3 rolls) Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Our Transparent Adhesive Paper Heat Shrink Sleeve Labelling Machine is a highly efficient and advanced packaging machine designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of transparent adhesive paper for bulk packaging. The core function of this machine is its ability to simultaneously handle multiple rolls of transparent adhesive paper and neatly sleeve them with a layer of specially manufactured heat shrink film. The process begins with the machine's automatic laminating system, which ensures that each roll of adhesive paper is accurately and evenly covered with shrink film.

Next, the machine's custom-built hot air system goes to work to give the freshly applied shrink film its initial shape. This step is critical to ensure that the film fits snugly against the outer surface of the paper, ready for the next step in the electric shrink oven. In this step, the initial shape of the release liner is fed into a highly efficient electrically heated shrink oven to complete the entire shrink process. The oven is designed to ensure even heat distribution so that the shrink film is perfectly wrapped around the paper to achieve the desired packaging effect.

To further enhance product recognition and appearance, we have installed an innovative roll-on/roll-off round bottle labeller at the end of the machine. This additional unit allows the already packaged foils to be accurately labelled on their surface. These labels show detailed information about the product, such as production date, batch number and company information, which not only enhances the professional image of the brand, but also makes it easy for consumers to quickly identify the product at the point of purchase.

In summary, this transparent adhesive paper shrink sleeve labeller is an all-round packaging solution that combines automation technology, high efficiency and excellent packaging quality to meet the twin demands of modern industrial production for efficiency and quality.

Product   Name Full-Auto Shrink Sleeve Labeling   Machine with Electric Heater Shrinking Tunnel
Model GST-250E
Labeling speed 30-200pcs/min (depends on the label size)
Shrunk label accuracy ±2.5mm(depends on product size and the label thickness)
Conveyor’s height 800mm
Product size Diameter φ20-100mm, height 50-280mm
Label size Diameter φ20-110mm, length 50-280mm
Distance between nearby labels 3-5mm±0.2mm
Label thickness 0.03-0.06mm
Label material PVC/PET
Label roll diameter Outer Max.450mm, inner 76mm
Surrounding temperature 10-40℃
Surrounding humidity 15-85%
Power 12kW
Power Supply Labeling Unit: AC220V, 50/60Hz, single phase;
Shrinking Tunnel: AC380V,   50/60Hz, 3 phase
Air supply No need
Machine dimension 5875(L)*1100(W)*2000(H)(mm)
Machine weight 1100kg

Transparent Tape (3 rolls) Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

No. Item Brand Origin QTY
1 Film rewinding inverter motor Wanshsin China 1
2 Film pulling servo motor Xinje China 1
3 Film Cutter servo motor Xinje China 1
4 Film sleeving inverter motor Wanshsin China 1
5 Film platform up&down inverter motor Wanshsin China 1
6 Conveyor motor Wanshsin China 1
7 leakage circuit breaker Chint/Schneider Japan/France 1
8 Label film photoelectric sensors Sick Germany 1
9 Product photoelectric sensor Panasonic/Sick Japan/ Germany 1
10 PLC Mitsubishi Japan 1
11 Touch screen WECON China 1
12 Power switch MEANWELL China 1

NOTE: the configuration may be adjusted reasonably according to the actual material delivery time, and the configuration can be revised according to customer needs

Transparent Tape (3 rolls) Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

  • Efficient and stable: excellent industrial design, selecting high-quality stainless steel and aluminum profiles, capable of continuous and stable operation.

  • Intelligent control: adopting intelligent control system, easy and convenient operation, can realize automatic labeling.

  • Accurate labeling: able to accurately attach labels to the surface of transparent tape, improving the aesthetics and quality of products.

  • Wide application range: applicable to various sizes and shapes of transparent adhesive tapes, flexible adjustment of equipment to adapt to different sizes of adhesive tapes.

  • Convenient maintenance: adopt standardized mechanical and electrical components, easy and quick maintenance and repair.

Transparent Tape (3 rolls) Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine