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What are the applications and advantages of DWS equipment?

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DWS equipment is actually a working equipment that integrates weighing, scanning, and volume measurement. This equipment can be connected to the system and upload data in real time. And if necessary, you can also add a sorting function and add multiple sorting ports according to your needs. After scanning the code, the goods will be sorted to your designated exit for unified management. Many factory cloud warehouses use this DWS equipment all-in-one machine because it is more convenient to use. Employees can just put the goods on it, and the sorting process is completed by this piece of equipment. The factory saves money. A lot of time and labor costs.

Advantages of DWS equipment

(1) Provide more accurate data information for logistics package freight settlement and payment;

(2) Reduce and prevent errors in warehouse distribution and picking of e-commerce packages, and optimize the control of parcel warehouse distribution and picking and delivery processes;

(3) Avoid various human errors, such as reading errors, missing data, input system errors, etc.;

(4) Intelligent automation of workflow can shorten processing time and improve work efficiency;

purple dynamic dws with sorter

How to choose high-quality DWS equipment?

With the rapid development of logistics e-commerce, industry competition is fierce, and cost and efficiency are key points that logistics e-commerce companies cannot ignore. Traditional measurement methods are difficult to collect parcel data information quickly and efficiently, and do not match the current development status of logistics e-commerce. The emergence of logistics DWS equipment solves this problem and can replace traditional manual one-click collection of cargo information, saving enterprises a lot of labor costs. At the same time, DWS equipment is easy to use and easy to use, and all employees can quickly learn to use it, effectively improving the flexibility and efficiency of the enterprise.

So how to choose high-quality DWS equipment? It can be comprehensively considered from the aspects of manufacturer strength, product advantages, pre-sales and after-sales services, customer cases, etc. As a high-quality DWS equipment supplier in the industry, Gosunm has extraordinary performance in the above aspects.

Manufacturer strength

gosunm has fully independent software and hardware intellectual property rights and a nearly 1,000-square-meter production factory. It has full product line strength in R&D, production, sales, and after-sales. It has obtained multiple patent certificates such as accuracy certification, CE certification, and technology patents, and has taken the lead in defining the ±1mm high-precision volume measurement technology is applied to the logistics e-commerce industry.

Product advantages

Gosunm's DWS equipment not only has high accuracy (±1mm high accuracy, the highest accuracy in the industry), but is also fast and stable. It can still maintain the accuracy of measurement data even under high-speed dynamic conditions. The two-year warranty for the core volume measurement module of the equipment is enough to show that the product quality can stand the test of time and the market. In addition, gosunm's DWS equipment has various types and complete functions, and can be customized according to customer needs to provide customers with the most suitable product solutions.

Pre-sales and after-sales services

gosunm has professional domestic and overseas sales teams, as well as considerate after-sales service teams. Professional pre-sales service provides customers with excellent Warehouse Logistic Sorting Solutions, answers customer questions in an all-round way, and solves problems in purchasing equipment. No matter where you are, we are committed to providing you with the product solutions that best suit you. Meticulous after-sales service responds in a timely manner, combining online and offline services, and is committed to solving after-sales problems as quickly as possible so that customers have no worries.

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