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Why use DWS equipment for logistics sorting?

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DWS equipment is an intelligent device that can integrate automatic volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, etc. of goods/express delivery/packages.

The meaning of D is: volume (Dimension),

The meaning of W is: Weight,

The meaning of S is: scanning;

DWS equipment is actually a working equipment that integrates weighing, scanning and volume measurement. This device can be connected to the system and upload data in real time. And if necessary, you can also add a sorting function and add multiple sorting ports according to your needs. After scanning the code, the goods will be sorted to your designated exit for unified management. Many factory cloud warehouses use this DWS equipment all-in-one machine because it is more convenient to use and employees can just put the goods on it. The sorting process is all completed by this piece of equipment, saving the factory a lot of time.

DWS equipment is also divided into static and dynamic

1. Static DWS equipment: Generally used in semi-automatic operating environments. It is necessary to manually place the measured goods into the measuring area of the machine. Then the machine will automatically measure the volume and weight of the goods and store the data to the computer or upload it to the cloud. 

black static dws front view

2. Dynamic DWS equipment: Dynamic DWS equipment can generally be used to integrate warehouse assembly lines to automate the warehouse's operating processes, which can effectively improve the operating efficiency of logistics companies.

blue dynamic dws

Why use DWS equipment for logistics sorting?

With the improvement of refined management and operation level in the logistics industry, the application rate of DWS equipment is growing rapidly year by year. For different logistics application scenarios, the acquisition of data has multiple meanings and values. Common application scenarios include:

(1) Billing basis: Volume data is an important charging basis for parcel freight settlement in many logistics subdivisions such as FBA logistics;

(2) Stowage optimization: Since bulk cargo accounts for the vast majority of freight, stowage optimization based on volume data is of great value and is the main goal of subsequent transportation cost optimization;

(3) Picking review and packaging optimization: Volume data is an important basis for picking review and can also be used for packaging optimization, saving a lot of packaging and subsequent transportation costs;

(4) Warehouse management: In logistics, warehousing and even general industrial industries, the volume data of incoming and outgoing goods is one of the basic management data;

(5) Sorting optimization: In many automatic sorting systems (including narrow belt type, swing type, cross belt type, etc.), package volume information can help the system sort and optimize sorting, improving sorting efficiency and accuracy. 

dws solution

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