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Express automatic sorting equipment manufacturers tell you how to improve sorting efficiency

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If enterprises want to fulfill orders efficiently and at low cost, an automated and intelligent warehousing system is particularly important, which puts forward a strong demand for the application of logistics equipment. Automation can complete logistics operations such as replenishment, full-case picking, split picking, and returns, and there has been a huge demand in recent years. In such an environment, logistics equipment companies have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, and various logistics equipment has been quickly launched and applied in logistics links such as handling, palletizing, and picking. The specific logistics equipment involved can be divided into dynamic DWS, palletizers, parcel sorting machines, etc.

At the same time, in daily life, we can see that the traditional manual sorting operation method not only has a high error rate, occupies a large area, and has low sorting efficiency, but also, with the increasing land and labor costs, the financial pressure of enterprises has also come. Therefore, unmanned, high-efficiency, low-cost, automated, and intelligent warehousing methods have become the consensus of the industry. So, has any company realized this technology, and how will it develop? With the development and rise of gosunm logistics equipment, more and more people have paid attention to the development of gosunm intelligent automatic conveying and sorting equipment, and the market for conveying and sorting equipment is also full of potential. gosunm conveying and sorting equipment refers to batch picking, which is to collect multiple orders into a batch, add up the categories of goods, and then pick them up, and then classify them according to different customers or different orders.

ring sorting machine

Characteristics of conveying and sorting equipment

The conveying and sorting equipment manufactured by gosunm can sort goods continuously and in large quantities. Since it adopts the automatic operation mode of the assembly line used in large-scale production, the automatic sorting system is not restricted by climate, time, human physical strength, etc., and can operate continuously. At the same time, since the automatic sorting system can sort a large number of pieces per unit time, the sorting capacity of the automatic sorting system is many times that of the manual sorting system. It can operate continuously for more than 100 hours and can sort 7,000 packaged goods per hour. If manual labor is used, only about 150 pieces can be sorted per hour. At the same time, the sorting personnel cannot work continuously for 8 hours under such labor intensity.

Function of conveying and sorting equipment

  1. Improve space utilization: The automated logistics system uses high-rise shelves to store goods, and the storage area can be developed towards the sky, reducing the inventory footprint and improving the utilization rate and storage capacity of the warehouse space.

  2. Improve the accuracy of sorting: The automatic sorting equipment uses computer information management systems, automated material storage, sorting and handling equipment, etc., so that the goods can be automatically stored and sorted in the warehouse as needed. In the logistics transportation link, the automated logistics system automatically arranges delivery and distribution according to the received order information, which can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of sorting and distribution.

  3. Improve the level of warehousing and logistics management: It can strictly control and manage the operations of inventory entry, exit, transfer, inventory, etc., and conduct real-time analysis and control of items, providing a basis for enterprise managers to make correct decisions, greatly improving the speed and utilization of capital circulation, and reducing inventory costs.

  4. Realize the integration of informatization and management: Logistics informatization is an important part of warehousing management. The logistics information management system realizes the automatic transmission and reception of information between various warehousing and logistics systems through seamless connection with the warehousing management system, so as to integrate warehousing management information. Automatic sorting equipment can automatically obtain and process order information from other management systems, ensuring that information is quickly acquired and processed in a timely manner, accurately and efficiently summarizing distribution needs and preparing and delivering goods.

how should enterprises choose suitable logistics sorting and conveying equipment?

  1. Operation time: When choosing sorting equipment, enterprises should consider the peak value in the peak season and the average value in the off-season. They can adjust the speed according to the cargo volume and reserve space for future expansion of production capacity.

  2.  Efficient sorting accuracy: Sorting accuracy is directly related to the input cost of manual sorting and is an important indicator for measuring the operating efficiency of sorting equipment. The accuracy of sorting equipment such as inclined pendulum wheels, cross belts, and sliders can reach 99.99%, but there are great differences in the sorting range. Enterprises need to make choices based on their own conditions.

  3. Low breakage rate: The breakage rate is an important indicator for measuring the efficiency of a conveying and sorting equipment. The friction of logistics sorting and conveying equipment is very small, and there is basically no impact. It protects the appearance and internal parts of the goods very well, with zero damage rate.

  4. Flexible and flexible design: The mainstream sorting equipment on the market is currently designed for large enterprises and large venues. It not only occupies a large area, but also has a large initial investment and cannot be changed after installation. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, customized products with flexibility and flexibly designed equipment that can adapt to venues of different sizes naturally become their sought-after equipment.

converying and sorting machine
converying and sorting machine
converying and sorting machine

How can we get rid of the low manual efficiency in the sorting process? How can we spend less time and worry less when sorting? Many customers have these problems. Gosunm, the manufacturer of express automatic sorting equipment, tells you that you can easily solve them with just one sorting equipment. The express automatic sorting equipment can directly sort automatically, which can increase your sorting efficiency by 10 times. Contact us now!

As a conveying and sorting equipment manufactured by guangdong gosunm, it is composed of automatic conveyor lines and circular cross belt sorting. In the past, manual sorting could sort 50,000 pieces a day, and 60,000 pieces at peak times. Now this three-layer parcel express automated sorting equipment can sort up to 700,000 pieces a day, which is more than 10 times that of manual sorting machines. Because the equipment is automatically sorted, the recognition accuracy is high and the error rate is almost close to zero, but some abnormal pieces still need to be sorted manually. In this way, the efficiency of sorting is not only improved by 10 times, but also the benefits are improved several times. Efficiency is one aspect, and gosunm also wants to tell you that sorting is safe. The sorting process can ensure the safety of goods sorting. The goods enter the sorting system directly from the unloading end, and the goods do not fall to the ground, which can also ensure the correct sorting of goods. What are you still considering?

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