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Auto positioning round bottle labeling machine & Semi-auto flat labeling machine shipped to South Africa

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Delivered labeling machines to South African customers, one semi-automatic flat labeling machine (including two sets of fixtures) and one fully automatic positioning round bottle labeling machine 212T, South African customers want to complete labeling and packaging on various bottle shapes. The gosunm 212T labeling machine is very compatible with various bottle shapes.

We tested the customer's sample (as shown below)

Product size (diameter*height):

  1. 500ml:61*277mm

  2. 1000ml:79.8*310mm

  3. Round can:35*65mm

The original bottle labeling machine is perfectly compatible with the customer's sample bottle. The customer said that he would add other labeling bottles. Referring to our standard size range, the circumference of the label product is within the standard length range of the label (15-300mm), and the width can be designed according to our standard range.

bottle testing sample

In addition to the first time, the customer also needed to label the front and back sides of the daily chemical shampoo bottle. The customer did not have such high requirements for efficiency, so we recommended him a semi-automatic flat labeling machine, Includes two sets of custom fixtures.

Product size (width*height): Samples provided

  1. 80*215mm

  2. 100*225mm

Label size (width*length): Maximum allowable label area on the bottle

  1. 70*150mm

  2. 92*160mm

semi-automatic flat labeling machine

The above two equipments have been inspected by customers for overall functions and smooth operation of the mechanism without any obstacles, and have been delivered on schedule! We provide various types of labeling machines to meet your customized needs. If you are also interested in our labeling machines, please contact us: sale@gosunm.com.

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