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Gosunm Bottle Labeling Machine

Based on real customer applications, Gosunm has developed and produced various models of labeling machines to improve productivity and reduce production costs.

Our labeler are suitable for different shapes of bottles including round, conical, square and flat, different sizes, from small ampoules to industrial vats, different materials including plastic, metal, glass and ceramic.

In addition to the basic labeling function, we can also customize the production according to the customer's needs, such as, adding coding function, docking production line, adding back-end packaging equipment, etc.
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Bottle Labeling


Product Details

Standard Model


GST-413 Semi-auto Round Bottle Labeler
Labeling Speed 20-40pcs/min
Labeling accuracy ±1mm
Product size Diameter 15~150mm, Width 10~260mm
Label roll diameter Outer Max.300mm, inner 76mm
Machine dimension About 880*469*511mm
Machine net weight 40KG


GST-211T Dektop Rolling Bottle Labeler


GST-212T Positioning Bottle Labeler

Labeling Speed

10-150pcs/min 10-40pcs/min
Labeling Accuracy ±1mm ±1mm
Product Size

φ10-100mm, H 10-300mm

φ20-100mm, H 10-250mm
Label Size L 15-310mm,  W 10-100mm L20-300mm, W 10-150mm
Air Supply No need 0.5-0.8MPa, 10L/min
Machine Dimension 1100(L)*1050(W)*850(H)(mm) 1100(L)*1070(W)*850(H)(mm)
Machine Net Weight 100KG 100kg


GST-211 Rolling Bottle Labeler 


GST-212 Positioning Bottle Labeler

Labeling Accuracy ±1mm ±1mm

Labeling Speed

10-150pcs/min 10-40pcs/min
Product Size

φ10-150mm, H 10-300mm

φ20-150mm, H 10-300mm
Label Size L 15-450mm,  W 10-100mm L20-450mm, W 10-100mm
Air Supply No need 0.5-0.8MPa, 10L/min
Machine Dimension 1800(L)*930(W)*1300(H)(mm) 1800(L)*1100(W)*1300(H)(mm)
Machine Net Weight 180KG 180kg


GST-219 Horizontal Bottle Labeler
Labeling Accuracy ±1mm
Labeling Speed 10-150pcs/min 
Product Size φ10-150mm, H10-300mm
Label Size L 15-450mm,  W10-100mm
Conveyor's Height 800mm
Label Roll Diameter Outer 300, inner 76mm
Machine Dimension 1800*93*1300(mm)
Machine Net Weight 180KG

GST-250 Shrink Labeling Machine


Labeling Speed 60-200pcs/min 
Conveyor Height 800mm
Label Size(mm) φ20~180, H 10-280
Distance Between Nearby L30-280, W10-170 mm
Labels 3-5mm±0.2mm
Label Thickness 0.03-0.06mm
Label Material PVC/PET

Label Roll Diameter

Outer 450, inner 76mm
Machine Dimension 7000*1176*1973(mm)
Machine Weight 1200KG
瓶子贴标机详情_V1_12 GST-712 Double Sides Bottle Labeler
Labeling accuracy ±1mm
Labeling speed 10-200pcs/min 
Product size L20-500, W20-110, H30-350
Label size L 25-200,  W 20-170mm
Label roll diameter  Outer 300, inner 76mm
Conveyor height 700mm
Machine dimension 3000*1550*1450(mm)250kg
Machine weight 250KG

Non-standard Model

GST-212-RT Auto Round Bottle Positioning Labeling + Flat Labeling (with coding function)

The GST-212-RT can label round bottles and caps in one pass. Both round bottle labeler and cap labelling support the positioning labelling function and can achieve a labelling accuracy of ±1mm.


GST-212-CT Flat Labeling With Corner + Round Bottle Positioning Labeler

The GST-212-CT can be compared with GST-212RT. The 212-CT can be used in the food and beverage industry for corner labeling on the top and side surfaces.


GST-FB010 Tube Labeling Machine

Test tube labeling machine, also known as tube labeler, is commonly used for labeling the body of biological testing reagent tubes. Gosunm can customize the labeling applicator equipment according to the material and size of the customer's tubes, which are irregular in shape and soft in material and cannot be labeled in the conventional way. Gosunm can customize the labeling applicator equipment according to the material and size of the test tube.

If you need other types labeler or customized labeler, please contact us.



Gosunm has been developing and producing labeling machines since 2007. With 15 years of experience, serving more than 30,000 customers worldwide and accumulating a large number of labeling applications and experiences, Gosunm labeler are very popular among customers.

Based on years of experience and the actual needs of customers, we have developed a variety of bottle labeler.

  • GST-413 semi-automatic round bottle labeler

  • GST-211T Desktop Rolling Round Bottle Labeler

  • GST-212T Desktop type positioning round bottle labeler

  • GST-211 Vertical Rolling Round Bottle Labeler

  • GST-212 Vertical positioning round bottle labeler

  • GST-219 Horizontal round bottle labeler

  • GST-250E Electric heating sleeve labeler

  • GST-250S Steam sleeve labeling machine

  • GST-250H Horizontal Labeler

  • GST-711 Single side bottle/barrel labeler

  • GST-712 Double-sided bottle/barrel labeler

The above label applicator equipment can meet most customers' bottle/can/barrel labeling needs, and are suitable for daily chemical products, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical industry, e-commerce and many other industries. These standard round bottle labeler, which have been verified by our customers for many years in practice, have good machine stability, easy installation and simple operation.

In addition to the above standard models of round bottle labeler, we can also customize them based on customers requirement. These machines can be used individually or connected to production lines.




Other Labeler


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