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GST-212 fully auto round bottle positioning labeling machine shipped to Vietnam

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Received inquiries from Vietnamese customers who need to label straight round bottles with an accuracy of +-1mm. The label roller needs to have a label height of 180MM. The machine should consider adding a coding machine later. The screen language of the device should support: Chinese, English, and Vietnamese.

gosunm recommended its own ace labeling machine - GST-212, which is compatible with different bottle types. The vertical round bottle automatic labeling machine uses self-adhesive roll labeling paper. The labeling process is completed by rolling. It is suitable for circular labeling of cylindrical objects such as glass bottles and plastic bottles. Inkjet printers and code printers can also be installed according to product needs. It can work independently or connect to the conveyor line.

Vertical Round Bottle Automatic Labeling machine structure

a) Product conveyor belt: product conveying;

b) Bottle separation mechanism: differential bottle separation;

c) Labeling head: label peeling and labeling function;

d) Touch screen: machine operation control

Vertical Round Bottle Automatic Labeling machine Working process

Core working principle: The product enters the bottle separation mechanism through the conveyor belt, and the bottle separation mechanism separates the product. When the sensor detects that the product passes, the control system will control the corresponding motor to send out the label and attach it to the product to be labeled. At the same time, the label is covered, and the attachment action of a label is completed.

Operation process: Place product conveyor belt (can be connected to assembly line) -> Product conveying -> Product spacing -> Product inspection -> Product positioning -> Labeling and relabeling -> Collect labeled products.

Gosunm Solution features

a) High cost performance, reducing costs for users and increasing product competitiveness;

b) Fast labeling speed, high accuracy and high work efficiency;

c) Touch screen control, intuitive and clear parameter modification, simple switching of various functions, and added printing function.

The vertical round bottle automatic labeling machine is an ideal equipment for fast and automatic labeling and printing on the packaging of round bottles in food, medicine, cosmetics and other light industries. This machine has advanced functions, simple operation and compact structure. It adopts photoelectric detection, and the conveying, bottle rolling and bottle separation are all stepless speed regulation, and the labeling is accurate; at the same time, it has the functions of no object without labeling, automatic correction without label, automatic detection, etc. gosunm's main products include labeling machine series, identification equipment series, cartoning machine series, case packing machine series, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling system, quality traceability (including drug electronic supervision code) system, unmanned back-end packaging line, etc. In China, we are one of the pioneers and leading enterprises in the packaging line of the labeling industry.

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