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Logistics industry solution—DWS four-sorting

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Pain points in the logistics industry

Today, with the vigorous development of the e-commerce industry, the number of postal and express parcels is increasing day by day. Whether it is competition or price costs, it is undoubtedly a great test for the express logistics sorting. How to operate the transportation business efficiently, first of all, accurately recording the weight and dimensions of the transported objects has become a crucial step. The subsequent transportation volume and transportation costs can also be accurately calculated. The automated operation flow can not only accurately obtain object information, but also greatly increase the speed of package processing, and can better meet development trends.

logistics industry solution

DWS weighing/square measuring system

The appeal of the DWS system is its modular nature. Volumetric measuring, weighing and scanning components can be combined, assembled and customized according to individual application requirements. We offer a variety of available configurations to suit your various operating needs.

One-to-four logistics sorting equipment

Our static electronic weighing system provides you with a complete solution, integrating taking photos, weighing, scanning and identifying goods, and integrating data collection. This four-sorting equipment adds two sorting machines based on the static electronic scale, expanding the channel sorting openings from 2 to 4, greatly improving the work efficiency of the sorters, and the sorting volume per hour Up to 2100 votes. Widely used in e-commerce, express delivery, logistics, food, automobile, medicine, aviation and other industries.

blue static dws & 4 sorting shutts

Hardware products


Dynamic scale options vary depending on the required accuracy, throughput, and speed. In static DWS applications, floor scales, bench scales or forklift scales can be easily connected to other components.

Barcode reader (scan)

Unattended barcode scanners or cameras are often used in automated processes, with multi-side reading capabilities to maximize reading rates. Handheld barcode readers can be used for manual verification in semi-automated processes or as part of a static DWS.


DWS systems can be equipped with cameras, sensors, beacons, data displays and label printers.

Data collection software

Data acquisition software stores data from different components, combines it and sends it to the host computer. After connecting the terminal device, users can monitor the device usage in real time on the management system and respond to data anomalies in a timely manner through data visualization.

Collection software main interface

1. There are two windows on the left in the shipment information: the one on the left is the code scanning camera preview window, and the right is the depth camera preview window. On the right side of the shipment information is the shipment measurement information: barcode, weight, length, width, and height.

2. Displayed below the operating system are parameters related to the number of collected information votes, current users and disk usage.

3. The current data displays a list of successfully collected shipment information.

4. Common operations: user management, measurement records, system settings, heartbeat display, order interception.

Application scenarios

E-commerce, express delivery, logistics, food, automobile, medicine, aviation and other industries.

Product advantages

1. Added 4 ports sorting ports, automatic scanning, weighing and taking photos are completed simultaneously, with fast speed and high sorting accuracy.

2. Intelligent data collection, high accuracy, using a high-precision weighing platform.

3. Data collection speed is fast, effectively improving time cost.

4. The equipment is exquisite, easy to operate, saves space and labor, and greatly reduces warehousing and labor costs.

5. The docking of software interfaces of mainstream express delivery companies has been completed, and it supports on-demand customization without additional debugging time. It can be used as soon as it is turned on.

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