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Static DWS solution: making measurement and sorting simpler and smarter

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After every shopping festival, there is always a peak period for express delivery. How to provide customers with a fast logistics experience in a short period of time cannot be separated from an efficient and intelligent automatic sorting system. Among them, Intelligent code scanning, precision weighing, and volume measurement are the key to the entire process. A system essential for smart logistics processes - China static dws dimensioner

Static DWS can realize efficient and accurate reading of package manifests, and integrates belt rolling scales or electronic platform scales to quickly collect weight data. It can be used with front-end telescopic machines or conveyor belts to perform semi-automatic weighing and code reading to improve work efficiency and save labor costs; packaging integration , storage upload. Seamlessly connects to the express logistics system, enabling data interaction with MEP, ERP, CRP, OA, etc., to realize information management of express logistics operations.

Assignment style

We can customize it according to customer needs. A separate static dws can also be connected to different sorting ports, so we have different operating methods, and the machine will also be customized on demand.

Semi-automatic operation method: electronic scale + industrial camera

Place the package on the electronic scale. The electronic scale reads the weight information of the package. The industrial camera reads the barcode information of the package and stores it in the system.

black static dws

Semi-automatic operation method: conveyor belt + rolling scale + industrial camera+sorting port

Place the package on the rolling scale. The conveyor belt rolling scale reads the weight information of the package. The industrial camera reads the package barcode information and stores it in the system. After reading the barcode and weight information, the conveyor belt rolling scale rotates and the package is delivered. to other conveyor lines, and then sent to the corresponding sorting port

static dws with 2 shutts


1. High weighing accuracy and not affected by human factors;

2. Image and data collection and fusion to quickly and accurately obtain package volume, weight and billing information

3. Local storage and upload, traceable;

4. The steps are simple and the operation is convenient; it adopts a modular design concept to meet the multi-faceted needs of customers.

5. Good interactivity, user-friendly, and customizable extended functions; with rich software interfaces, data can be easily connected to the customer's existing management system

6. Automatically collect package information (bill number/barcode/face sheet/weight/photo, etc.) and upload it to the system device;

Gosunm's logistics equipment has experienced the 20 years of rapid development of China's e-commerce, and has grown with many of China's leading e-commerce companies to truly understand the needs of e-commerce customers.

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