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Surgical Mask Machine Manufacturer and Supplier

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Surgical mask making machine is an electromechanical device. Can be used to manufacture surgical masks of various capacities. A production equipment capable of producing hygienic masks. Standard product compliant with UNE-0064-1/2-2020.

Our mask machine is suitable for 2-3 or 4 layers of mask production and can also apply filter layers. Depending on the number of layers, the machine can give you a continuous output of 80 to 100 masks per minute. The machine not only guarantees the precision of operation. And complete control over the production process and short operating cycles.

3 PLY Surgical Mask Machine

Equipment efficiency: 80-100pcs/min;

Voltage: 380V/220V,50/60HZ;

Equipment size: (L)14900mm*(W)1500mm*(H)1680mm

Equipment wight: About 2800kg

Pass rate: more than 95%

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Surgical Mask Ear Loop Welding Machine

Equipment efficiency: 80-100pcs/min

Voltage: 220V,50/60HZ

Equipment size: (L)2500mm*(W)1500mm*(H)1700mm

Air pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa

Pass rate: more than 95%

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Standard Equipment Accessory

No. Equipment name Qty Unit
1 Automatic mask machine (including 6 tension mechanism; standard) 1 Set
2 Pillow packing machine (standard) 1 Set
3 6 correction mechanism (optional) 1 Pcs

conveying mechanism (optional)

1 Pcs
5 Logo pad printer 1 Pcs
6 Nose foam sticking mechanism 1 Pcs
7 Waste recycling device 1 Pcs
8 CCD inspection machine 1 Pcs
9 UV sterilization machine 1 Pcs

The mask production process is divided into two main stages:

  • The first stage is initial mask forming - the material is cut to the design size, the material is folded, and the mask is welded. At this stage, metal clips are also applied to the top of the mask, so the shape of the mask can be the shape of the nose.

  • In the second stage, two elastic bands are welded to the sides of the protective mask so that the mask fits over the ears.

surgical mask machine

Surgical mask production line

The entire mask production process is fully automatic and requires no sewing or glue. Different numbers of protective layers, the option to use filters allow the production of a wide range of masks with varying degrees of protection, production costs and applications adapted to current needs.

Production Rate Up to 200 masks/minute

Construction 3-ply, elastic ear loop with adjustable nose piece

Dimensions 175mm x 95mm (6.9” x 3.75”)

Number of Pleats 3

Type ASTM Levels 1, 2, 3 depending on raw materials used and environment masks are produced in

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Surgical Mask Making Machine Details: Matching The Higher Speed and Stability Requirements


  • Surgical Mask manufacturing machine, the earloop fetching belt transmission structure, and changed the side transmission to the middle transmission. The uniform force makes a single belt have a longer service life and reduces the frequency and time of replacement of wearing parts.

  • Fold masks inwardly function, stable running high speed for 120pcs/min, a new device for inward folding masks has been added (Optional function).

  • The Earloop feeding structure, is closer to the ear belt raw material, shortening the earloop transmission distance and reducing the production interruption caused by the tension of the ear belt.

  • Alert system with nose wire and raw material shortage detection function when the nose bridge is used up to avoid the production of masks with missing nose bridge.

Optional additions


Machine Layout

Automatic KF94 mask body machine three view drawing



 We’re in it for the long-term.

As part of The GOSUNM Group, we’ve been using advanced engineering, creative design and industrial expertise to solve challenging problems for more than 15 years.

We are in the business of manufacturing medical face mask machines and selling protective masks while helping others do the same because our mission is to solve for the need for a domestic supply of PPE.

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Q: Do you offer local installation service of your surgical mask making machine?

A:  No, due to the COVID-19, we can’t. That’s is extactly the top reasons why oversea medical mask manufactuters choose GOSUNM mask machinery:

     4-hours set-up time

     All GOSUNM mask machines have been optimized and tested to help you get the machines running in a short time.

Q: What is the average leadtime for one set of surgical mask making machine?

A: For the beginning of each month, we might have 150 in stock, but please check with our sales engineer for lead time updates.

Q: What is the warranty policy on surgical mask making machine?

A: We have a 1-year warranty on the machine (Wearing parts is not included), please ask for the “ wearing parts list” from our sales engineer, you will have a clear picture of what is covered and what is not.

Q: Can I get prompt after-sales services when I get into trouble?

A: Yes, we have a dedicated after-sales team, who have served hundreds of mask machine clients.

    Buy With Confidence: 4 Days of Complete Testing For EVERY Machine Before Delivery

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