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Automation drives real-time printing and labeling machines to solve customer problems

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Nowadays, most industries are paying more and more attention to labels. No matter which industry, they all have their own special labels. These labels are very important during the production process or when they are circulated in the market. For example, the electronic supervision code packaging label of medicines, the production batch and product tracking label of food, the transportation label of products, the express delivery label, etc. The content of each label is very critical to the production, circulation and after-sales of the product, and can timely grasp the information of each link of each product, Automation drives real-time printing and labeling machines to solve customer problems.

print & apply label applicator

This also allows real-time printing and labeling machines to truly enter the production line of every product. Some labels may need to be individually numbered according to the attributes of the product, that is, the required labels are printed in advance during the labeling operation. This is also a labeling operation with relatively high demand in the market. Therefore, for real-time printing and labeling machines, it includes intelligent devices with dual functions of printing and labeling, which can better respond to the labeling needs of various products in the market.

In fact, for most customers in the market, the shape, size and labeling surface of each product are different. Moreover, Gosunm Intelligent's real-time printing side roll labeling machine can easily handle labeling surfaces of different properties. Our labeling equipment can not only perform pressure labeling, but also blow labeling to deal with some special labeling surfaces. According to different labeling requirements, the angle of the labeling head can be better adjusted, and the detection of sensors can better ensure that the labeling effect can be better every time.

With intelligent system control, the staff only needs to make simple settings through the interface, and the labeling machine can work continuously 24×7, achieving true unmanned labeling operations and bringing more stable labeling effects. This is also the continuous maturity of automation technology. Combined with today's labeling equipment, it can achieve higher stability. I believe that in the future, our labeling equipment can continue to provide labeling services for various products and solve labeling problems for multiple companies.

gosunm real-time printing and labeling machine can be connected to the internal software system. Through the open data interface and software docking, it can print whatever content you want. The printed content can be edited on the computer, which is convenient and efficient. It can complete data comparison and identification labeling. It can be used for product traceability. The product and label are bound one by one. It can print and identify one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, etc. It is easy to use

print & apply label machine

Product Features

  • It has a label smoothing mechanism to ensure that the label does not fall off after labeling and the position is accurate.

  • Print and apply labels instantly, print one label at a time, and do not waste labels. Different labeling methods such as blowing and suction can be used according to different product requirements.

  • High labeling accuracy: subdivided stepper motor or servo motor drives label delivery, label delivery is accurate, and the label belt bypass correction mechanism design ensures that the label does not deviate left and right during traction. The eccentric wheel technology is applied to the traction mechanism, and the traction label does not slip, ensuring accurate labeling.

  • Intelligent control: automatic photoelectric tracking, with no object no labeling, no label automatic correction and label automatic detection functions to prevent missing labels and label waste.

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