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Gosunm Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine Series

Labeler, also known as fully automated labeling systems, are widely used in the industrial sector.
Gosunm team is actively assisting customers in overcoming various challenges, which makes us known as labeling experts in many industries and applications, and users know that it is made in China, and it is simple and easy to use for its adaptable field shopping.
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Product Details

bottle labeling



Product Description

According to different application scenarios, different shapes of products and different sizes of labels, we have developed the following wrap-around labeling machines

  • Semi-automatic 413 for small business plans

  • Easy to handle 211T and 212T

  • 211 and 212 for connecting production lines

  • 219 suitable for thin and round tubes

  • 250 for those who need heat shrink sleeve labeling

  • Suitable for flat bottles with double-sided multiple labels 712

  • FB010 for tube labeling



 Application Video

| Standard Model

01 GST-413 bottle labelerGST-413 Semi-auto Bottle Labeling Machine

The 413 is our basic round bottle labeler for small business plans that are just starting their business, saving you more money while maintaining efficiency and quality.

G02 GST-211T bottle labeler.ST-211T Desktop High Speed Round Bottle Labeling Machine

How the 211T works

When the bottle to be labeled arrives at the labeling mechanism through the conveyor belt, the label will be attached to the bottle, and the vertical conveyor belt near the label applicator will drive the bottle to roll on the opposite side of the sponge plate, so that the label will be evenly attached to the bottle to complete labeling.

The 211T is not only suitable for regular round bottles, but also for hexagonal or octagonal bottles. A coding mechanism can be added. Connects to small production lines.

03 GST-212T bottle labeler.

GST-212T Desktop Bottle Labeling Machine

How the 212T works

When the bottle arrives at the labeling mechanism through the conveyor belt, the roller of the labeling mechanism will drive the bottle to rotate at high speed, so that the label will be evenly attached to the bottle.

Compared with 211T, 212T is more compatible. It can be compatible with bottles with taper, such as red wine bottles. 212T can apply both front and back labels to the bottle at the same time, which can realize the positioning labeling function.    

04 GST-211 bottle labeler.

GST-211 High Speed Round Bottle Labeling Machine

The 211 works on the same principle as the 211T.

Compared to the 211T, the 211 has a larger chassis and a longer conveyor belt. the 211's larger size and heavier weight are specially designed to improve its stability when connected to large production lines and to ensure that production can continue in an orderly manner.

The 211 can label larger bottles with larger labels and has a larger label roll diameter, effectively avoiding the repetitive work of frequent label changes.

05 GST-212 bottle labeler.

GST-212 Round Bottle Labeling Machine

The 212 is an upgraded version of the 212T

Compared to the 212T, the 212 has a larger chassis, a longer conveyor belt, and the right weight and size for greater stability when connecting to a production line. 212 can apply larger labels, applicable to larger product sizes, and longer diameter label rolls can be placed on the labeling mechanism.

The 212 series can be replaced with photoelectric sensors to apply clear labels.

06 GST-219 bottle labeler.

GST-219 Horizontal Vial Labeling Machine

The 219 is designed and developed for long and thin bottles, which are difficult to stand still on a high-speed conveyor belt and cannot be labeled by conventional means. The product is sorted and laid flat on the conveyor belt with one roller by the feeding mechanism, and labeling is done by horizontal rolling. It is widely used for solid glue, lipstick, lip glaze, hose and other products.

07 GST-250 bottle labeler

GST-250 Full-Auto Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Shrink sleeve labeler is generally divided into sleeve labeling mechanism and shrinkage mechanism, shrinkage mechanism is generally divided into two ways of electric shrinkage and steam shrinkage, according to the characteristics of the product to choose a different shrinkage method.

Shrink sleeve labeler is widely used in food and beverage and outer packaging industry, there are applications for the full wrapping of the bottle sleeve label, the bottle neck part of the sleeve label and the cap part of the sleeve label. This is a medium to high efficiency and high speed labeling method.

08 GST-712 bottle labeler.GST-712 Double Sides Labeling Machine

Automatic double-side labeler solves the problem of manual labeling for square bottles or flat bottles, which is slow in efficiency, poor in precision, and will have air bubbles. It is widely used in daily chemical, cosmetic, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, such as shampoo flat bottles, lubricant flat bottles, etc.

Automatic double-side labeling equipment adopts double-side rigid plastic synchronous guide chains to automatically ensure bottle alignment and labeling, with low requirements for worker bottle placement and assembly line docking, greatly reducing the difficulty of worker operation or assembly line docking, which can be produced by single machine or connected to assembly line production, with high labeling accuracy and fast speed.

| Non-standard Model

09 GST-212-RT bottle labeler.GST-212-RT Auto Round Bottle Positioning Labeling + Flat Labeling 

(with coding function)

The 212-RT increments the 212 series with a 113 label applicator. One machine simultaneously labels the bottle and the cap portion of the bottle, saving machine and space costs. One labeling machine for two purposes, saving time and improving efficiency.

The 212-RT can label sauce bottles with recessed caps downward and recessed bottles inward, with a wide range of labeling compatibility and speed.

10 GST-212-CT bottle labeler.GST-212-CT Flat Labeling with Corner + Bottle Labeling Machine

The 212-RT is based on the 212-CT with the addition of a label corner labeling mechanism that extends a tamper-evident corner label downward while the cap is being labeled. Commonly used in the food industry, commonly used in sauce bottles, canning bottles, etc.

11 GST-FB010 bottle labeler.GST-FB010 Test Tube Labeler

Test tube labeler, also known as tube labeler, is commonly used for labeling the body of biological testing reagent tubes. Gosunm can customize the labeler according to the material and size of the customer's tubes, which are irregular in shape and soft in material and cannot be labeled in the conventional way. Gosunm can customize the labeling machine according to the material and size of the test tube.

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 Company Profiles

company profile

Gosunm has been developing and manufacturing machinery since 2007. 15 years of experience, serving more than 30,000 customers worldwide, and accumulating a large number of applications and experiences, Gosunm is very popular among our customers.

Based on years of experience and customers' actual needs, we have developed a variety of bottle labeling machines. They meet most customers' bottle/can/barrel labeling needs and are suitable for daily chemical products, wine, pharmaceutical industry, e-commerce and many other industries. It has been verified by customers during years of practice, with good machine stability, easy installation and simple operation.

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 Other Labeler

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